• Artificial Photosynthesis in Complete Darkness
    Researchers are working to create artificial photosynthesis to help improve the energy efficiency of food production on Earth and perhaps Mars someday. Since millions of years ago, photosynthesis in plants converts water, carbon dioxide and solar energy to plant biomass and [more...]
  • Python logo and wordmark svg
    New versions of the Python programming language are released annually, with the feature-locked beta version in the first part of the year and the final version of the year at the end. A beta version of agreed features for Python 3.11 is now available for testing. developers, [more...]
  • Hint on Supernova 1054 on Byzantine Coins
    One of the most surprising astronomical phenomena ever was Supernova 1054. M1 - the Crab Nebula - was formed by a supernova explosion. But in 1054 AD, the year it happened, it was one of only eight supernovae documented in the history of the Milky Way, and it was so bright in the sky. [more...]



  • Fire Extinguisher Cover
    In our article, we will introduce various fire planes used in America and their capacities. The Forest Service uses many types and sizes of aircraft to manage wildfires. Some of these planes belong to the Ministry of Forestry, while others are leased. Planes according to contract procedure [more...]
  • Eagles and Wind Turbines
    Like many other predators, golden eagles are adept at choosing the least difficult route. Upward, which allows them to glide and conserve energy while extending their wings and soaring, often continuing to fly for longer periods of time. [more...]