1 Liter of Waste Oil Contaminates 1 Million Tons of Water

Scientific studies reveal that 1 liter of waste oil pollutes 1 million tons of water.
Izmit Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Manager Havva Açıkgöz stated that major environmental disasters have occurred as a result of the spilling of waste vegetable oil used by women from the sink, and said, “We have been providing trainings for 5 years about not pouring waste oil into sinks.
We have obtained significant feedback from these trainings given in İZMEK vocational courses in schools. In Izmit, an average of 12 tons of waste oil is collected per month, preventing them from spilling out of the sink. We also made agreements with restaurants and restaurants in Izmit. With the agreement made with 600 workplaces, the waste oils in these places are also collected and recycled. In developed countries, waste oils are collected and fuel and electricity are obtained.
The company that buys 100 liters of vegetable oil in Europe has to recycle 30 liters of it, and even document it. In our country, only 1% of waste oil can be collected. The other part is dumped into garbage and sinks. Scientific studies reveal that 1 liter of waste oil pollutes 1 million tons of clean water. Based on this fact, we attach great importance to raising public awareness.” Açıkgöz, Mayor Dr. He added that Nevzat Doğan attaches great importance to the protection of the environment and supports projects in this direction.
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