Aliağa Chemical Specialization and Mixed Organized Industrial Zone started to shine

The star of Aliağa Chemical Specialization and Mixed Organized Industrial Zone began to shine. Deeds were given to 64 companies in two months, 30 facilities are starting construction. Aliağa Organized Industrial Zone, which was launched as a seven-star, completed its deficiencies, increased its star to nine, and sold a land of 930 thousand square meters in two months.

The star of Aliağa Chemical Specialization and Mixed Organized Industrial Zone (ALOSBİ), which has experienced difficult times in the last years, has started to shine. About 64 companies are expected to start their investments soon in the region, where 30 companies received title deeds in May and June, while four companies waited in line. It is aimed that the investments will provide employment opportunities for approximately 3 thousand people at first. Currently, more than 25 people work in ALOSBİ, where 500 companies operate. If the region is completely filled, the number of employees will be 60 thousand and the trade volume will be 15 billion dollars.

ALOSBİ Chairman of the Board Atıl Akkan pointed out that the interest of local and foreign companies in the region has increased due to facilities such as PETKİM and TÜPRAŞ, close to raw materials, logistical advantages, and ideal conditions they offer to the investor.

Noting that they have given title deeds to 64 companies in the last two months, Akkan said, “We have given these companies 930 thousand square meters of land in total. The size of ALOSBİ is 9.5 million square meters. 4 million 3 thousand of this consists of parcels. There are both new and old participants here. But in general, those who prefer us are located in large square meters. Dayan Kimya, Vineyard Oils, Akdeniz Kimya, Terbay, Güngör Plastik and Eltaş Transformer are the leading ones among these. Investors from other cities besides the region also prefer us. Kayserili Çinkom A.Ş. also chose ALOSBİ for investment. Zinc will produce zinc from the ashes from the chimneys of iron and steel plants. In addition to these, we will have contracts with a few foreign investors that will make an impact in the coming days.”

Becoming the center of attraction

Expressing that Aliağa has become Turkey's shining star, Akkan continued his words as follows:

“Aliağa is in an unstoppable rise. It is in a very good spot logistically. Now Kocaeli is full. Not enough ports. The roads do not take the density. There is no land. Aliağa, on the other hand, is at a very good point in terms of logistics. There are 9 ports in the region. The breakwater of Çandarlı Harbor is about to be finished. A tender for the quay will be made soon and in the first quarter of 2014, ships will start to dock here.

The ring road is being extended to Çandarlı. Likewise, İZBAN and State Railways come here. There is a connection to Aliağa from the İzmir-İstanbul Highway. On the other hand, Aliağa has become a production base. Electricity comes from thermals next to wind farms. 58 percent of iron and steel in Turkey is produced here. Two giant institutions such as PETKİM and TÜPRAŞ are here. When you put all these together, you enter the agenda of the investor.”

The star went up to nine

Expressing that ALOSBİ has completed its deficiencies with this interest, Akkan noted that the star that was seven increased to nine. Stating that they have divided the region into two parts, chemistry and mixed, Akkan said, “Currently, we have more economical prices compared to many OIZs. 60 Euros for mixed and 70 Euros per square meter for chemistry. These prices are free for such a region. We have an occupancy rate of nearly 50 percent. By the end of 2014, this place is completely full. By 2016, the number of employees here will reach 60 thousand. We aim for a trade volume of 15 billion dollars. But it is a region that will work mainly for export. Currently, there are 25-30 companies and over 500 employees," he said.

I am against enlargement

Expressing that after ALOSBİ was completely filled at the end of 2014, Akkan said, “I am not in favor of expansion of OIZs. During the ministry of Yalım Erez, we had 17 OIZs declared in İzmir. Our aim was to prevent migration from the surrounding districts to the city center. I see we accomplished that today. Now people work and live in the OSB in Tire. But if you constantly enlarge the OIZs, after a while you become unable to find workers.

Today, every morning 10 thousand people from Izmir go to Manisa to work by bus. Then Manisa is the fourth and İzmir is the first. This is unfair. There are no workers there, they leave from here. This is additional cost. But you still give incentives there. We suffered a lot because of Manisa. There were many companies that went from here to there in 2008-2012. This year, we paid only 8 million liras to the companies that left here,” he said.

Need new entrepreneurs

Noting that no new entrepreneurs were born in İzmir, Atıl Akkan said: “It is necessary to create new entrepreneurs in İzmir. When we look at the urban economy today, count 100 from the right, count 100 from the left. Nothing has changed. There is no new face. Every year, at least 500 entrepreneurs should be trained in İzmir. The system is set up incorrectly. It is necessary to establish a system that will create capital for those who have projects and ideas. There is some work today, but not enough. Every year, there should be 100 thousand entrepreneurs in Turkey so that unemployment will be zero. In addition, this is a condition for the 2023 target.”

They downsized EBSO

Atıl Akkan, who dedicates a significant part of his work to ALOSBİ, has also accomplished important and resounding works as the Chairman of the Board of EBSO in the past years. Atıl Akkan, who could not enter the EBSO assembly this term, made striking statements:

“If I wanted to, I would have entered the parliament, but I did not desire. I spent 25 years there. Now I'm only on the Supervisory Board. There should be new faces now. Young people need to be paved. I like the style of EBSO President Ender Yorgancılar. He grew up with me and took on various tasks. But those who became presidents after me downsized EBSO. It did a lot of damage. They left Aydın, Muğla. He shrunk like the Ottomans. I founded the EBSO Foundation, I had 17 OIZs declared during my term. I took 700 businessmen to Ankara by train to react to the economic policies. I stood in front of Fuat Miras, one of the former presidents of TOBB, because he treated SMEs badly. These are some events that appear on the history page.”

green zone

Expressing that ALOSBİ has returned to a unique region, Akkan stated that 450 thousand trees will be planted and that 100 thousand of them meet the soil at the moment, adding, “We will be a green zone in the true sense of the word. Since it complies with the Kyoto Protocol, companies producing here will be able to use the green dot when exporting. This is really important. They will produce in places like the National Park," he said.


Source: Hürriyet

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