Bayer, inventor of aspirin, takes action against cancer

Bayer, the inventor of aspirin, took action against cancer. German pharmaceutical giant Bayer bought the substance mixture, which is thought to be a solution to cancer, from an Israeli company. Cancer, the disease of the century, is the subject of research all over the world. The Israeli company Compugene has made significant progress in this research.

German pharmaceutical giant Bayer, which has factories around the world, bought the substance from Compugene, which it thought was a good start for a cure for cancer. Bayer plans to work on this substance in its own laboratories to reach the final solution. Having bought all rights to the item, Bayer will make an upfront payment of $10 million to Compugene. If the drug is successful, it will pay an additional $500 million.

It was stated that the substance in question has not yet been tested on humans. It was emphasized that the basis of the research was that the two molecules acted together and took over the management of the immune system. It has been reported that with this substance, the body's own immune system is supported and the fight against cancer cells is attempted with malicious tumor.



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