Boron has been used in the Defense, Energy and Automotive Industry, and then in the Cosmetics Industry.

Boron has been used in the Defense, Energy and Automotive Industry, and then in the Cosmetics Industry. Mehmet Can Arvas, General Manager of FHM Nanotechnology Academy, said that the country's future will be shaped in boron mines, since the majority of its worldwide reserves (79 percent borax) are in Turkey.

Stating that they work on some projects in cooperation with state institutions and universities, Arvas stated that they produce hair removal and sunscreen creams with nano borvit technology for the cosmetics industry. Arvas emphasized that this is the first in the world.

Noting that the cream, which can be used by men and women, gives results in 4 to 5 minutes, Arvas said, "The cream produced with nano borvit technology is applied to the relevant area and after waiting for 4-5 minutes, it is washed with water and all hairs fall out. Our country will be represented by giving distributorships to this technology, which has no side effects for the skin, as a Turkish brand.”

Pointing out that the boron diamond crystals that they produce in size of 5 to 50 nanometers are 100 in 1 thousand of a hair strand, Arvas argued that these crystals allow the skin to remain more alive in dermatology, to breathe and to maintain its effect for a longer period of time due to the inert material they contain.

Arvas emphasized that boron diamond crystals reduce the effect of radiation in the sun's rays and also protect the skin against radiation.

Arvas stated that thanks to nano boron diamond crystals, they eliminate many negative effects such as burning and irritation on the skin with nano borvit technology, and continued as follows:

“100% Turkish products produced with nano borvite technology in the field of dermatology will make serious contributions to the promotion of our country in the world market and will reveal the importance of boron mines. As Nanotechnology Academy, our studies such as skin tightening from boron diamond crystals, skin protection against sun rays and muscle tightening continue as R&D.”

Expert opinion

Selçuk University Ahmet Keleşoğlu Education Faculty Preschool Education Department Head Prof. Dr. at Hacettepe University Health Sciences Institute. Dr. Nurhan Ünüsan, "In the light of scientific research, the use of boron in nitrite cosmetic products does not have a negative effect on human health."


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