Give Waste Oil for Environment Get Money Period in Bursa

Give Waste Oil for the Environment and Get Money Period in Bursa. The project titled “Don't Have Any Obstacles to Collecting Waste Oils Separately”, developed by Osmangazi Municipality for the purpose of protecting nature and the environment and raising environmental awareness, was implemented by President Mustafa Dündar.
Thanks to the waste oil collection machines used for the first time in Bursa, citizens will instantly receive 2 TL from the machine as 1 liters of waste oil for each liter of waste oil they pour into the waste collection machine.


Speaking at the ceremony held for the commissioning of waste oil collection machines, Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dündar said that they are doing a lot of work to fulfill their responsibilities towards the environment.

Dündar said, “We have approached the issue a little differently in order to prevent the harm that waste oils will cause to nature and to raise environmental awareness among citizens. Thanks to the machines that will be used for the first time in Bursa, our citizens will both re-introduce the waste oil to the economy and receive a symbolic amount of money. Our machine will separate the waste oil and the water and similar mixtures in it, store it separately, and make a payment only for the amount of waste oil.”


Stating that the machines to be used in Bağlarbaşı Square, Akpınar Cultural Center, Adalet Square and Çarşamba Pazarpark in the first place will be increased in line with the demands of the citizens, Mayor Dündar said, “Our citizens will shape the next process a little bit. We will increase the number of our machines according to the demand and the rate of ownership of this project. Our goal is a healthier Osmangazi, a healthier Bursa and a healthier environment.”

After the speeches, Ak Party Bursa Deputy Canan Candemir Çelik and President Dündar poured the first oil into the waste oil collection machine and gave the children the money they received from the machine in return.
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