Lightning-fast processors will become possible thanks to graphene

Thanks to graphene, processors at the speed of light will be possible. Using graphene instead of silicon in microprocessors can completely change computer technology.

It is possible to produce very fast processors with graphene. But until now, this knowledge was possible in theory. Scientists did not yet know how to produce a processor from graphene. However, a big step was taken and the first working graphene processor was produced.

To give a definition for those wondering about the speed of graphene processors, we can say that they are at the speed of light. In the tests made with graphene, it was understood that a processor with a speed of 427 GHz could be produced. This means being able to produce computers 100 times faster than the speeds achieved with today's processor technology.

However, there is a problem with graphene transistors that scientists have not yet solved. It is not possible to close these transistors. Once they start working, they work forever. This makes it difficult to pass different data over them.

Scientists propose a different solution to this problem: “We must stop treating graphene as silicon!” As with silicon transistors, scientists have developed a method of inverting current to close the transistor instead of cutting the current.

Graphene technology is still very new. It is still early to see processors that will be made with this material and become commercially available, but one day, when graphene processors are developed enough, we can predict that computers will run much faster than we are used to today.


Source :vetechnology

📩 27/08/2013 00:14

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