Creative ideas for recycling in Hong Kong

Creative ideas for recycling in Hong Kong. Poor conditions often give rise to bright ideas. In Hong Kong, where there is a shortage of space to store garbage, experts have developed an innovation that will both relieve the environment and alleviate the garbage problem. Thousands of tons of organic garbage are thrown away every day in Hong Kong. Scientists who developed new recycling methods also started to produce plastic from organic garbage. In some parts of the city, products obtained from the wastes of food such as food, apples, or coffee have already begun to meet with the consumers.

Garbage trucks are working nonstop. They carry the waste of Hong Kong, the city of millions.

More than 3 tons of organic waste is collected every day, consisting of coffee grounds, fruit or leftovers.

Since the city does not have enough space to store so much garbage, scientists from the University of Hong Kong also developed a new idea. Products such as plastic shopping bags or packaging are obtained from organic waste.

"The good thing here is that this plastic is biodegradable," said Carol Lin from the University of Hong Kong. So it doesn't stay in nature forever. In addition, it does not require any special handling when kept in a warehouse or elsewhere. It self-destructs,” she says. The production of plastic from organic waste, which has just been developed in the laboratory, has already taken its place on the shelves in the form of products. Coffee scraps bases, milk shopping bags… Eggs, apples and tea were also revived in the laboratories of Green and Associates.

Green and Associates Ge Wah Lam says, “There are about twenty different types of food products we can use. These are sometimes coffee waste, tea bags, egg shells or apples in the daily garbage. So everything,” he says.

Geh Wa Lam says people are delighted when they hear what hairbrushes or toys are made of. Moreover, they are ready to pay a little more than plastic products made from petroleum…


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