Eco-Friendly Green Bus with Ceiling Garden from Spain

Eco-Friendly Green Bus with Ceiling Garden from Spain. In Girona, Spain, the bus with a "mini-garden" on the ceiling started to serve tourists. Thanks to the "mini garden", the temperature inside the bus drops by 3.5 degrees. It is aimed to expand these buses throughout the country. The system developed by Spanish landscape artist Marc Granen has already attracted the attention of the world.

Environmentally friendly green buses, which plan to bring a new "breath" to today's cities with increasingly concrete and shrinking green areas, clean the carbon monoxide in the air thanks to the "mini garden" on their ceilings, and breathe with the oxygen they emit.

The "mini garden" placed on the platform consisting of 7-centimeter-thick hydroponic foam is watered by the air conditioning system of the bus. The hydroponic foam inside the platform absorbs the moisture needed to keep the garden alive and helps to evacuate rain water in rainy weather.

Marc Granen, the inventor of the bus, which is currently operating in Spain's touristic region of Girona, said that he is in talks with a bus company to transport environmentally friendly buses from the country's largest cities to Barcelona.

Spanish landscape artist Granan also stated that the "mini garden" on the roof of the bus reduces the temperature inside the bus by 3.5 degrees during the summer months.


Source : ntvmsnbc

📩 13/08/2013 20:22

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