Coal-based natural gas exploration works begin in Kastamonu Azdavay

Coal-based natural gas exploration works are starting in Kastamonu Azdavay. An information meeting was held on coal-based natural gas exploration activities in Kastamonu Azdavay.
Delta Petrol Company manager and Petroleum Engineer Gültekin Çınar, Turkish Hard Coal Authority officials, Azdavay District Governor Osman Doğramacı, Azdavay Mayor Osman Nuri Civelek and citizens attended the meeting. Çınar, who gave information about the project, stated that the engineering works for the project, which they started by receiving the tender made by the Turkish Hard Coal Authority in 2012, have been completed, and that they will move to the investment stage as soon as possible, and that the equipment to be used in the exploration will be brought from America.
Çınar stated that they are very hopeful about the coal-based natural gas exploration activities to be carried out, that they will drill in the Topalak meadow, Maksut and Söğütözü regions, and that gas can be extracted from different regions because the previous searches were not sufficient, the TTK officials also stated that the project is beneficial for both Azdavay and Turkey. He said it was a big project. Mentioning the importance of transmission and distribution lines and gas prices, Çınar said, “The price of a thousand cubic meters of gas in Turkey is around 400 dollars, and in the USA it is around 200 dollars since gas production is high. There is a natural gas infrastructure in our country now.
There are approximately 15 thousand kilometers of transmission and distribution lines in Turkey. Natural gas line passes through Azdavay island, 47 kilometers away, this is important. We will give ten percent of the gas we produce to the TTK or two percent to the state,” he said.


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