Chemistry, Physics Graduates Right to Become a Financer

Chemistry, Physics Graduates Right to Become a Financer. The tax inspectorate exam, which is eagerly awaited by the graduates of the faculty of education, science and literature, is on September 28. The Tax Inspection Board will hold two exams in September. The first exam is on 7 September and 1500 people will be taken. This exam will be for political, economics and business graduates, just like the exams that VDK always takes. Another exam will be held on September 28. Graduates of science and literature faculties can enter this exam. However, those who want to participate in this exam will have to pay 150 lira exam fee. You can also pay by credit card if you want.

Physics, chemistry graduate can be a finance officer
ÖSYM will perform the written part of the exam, which teacher candidates are eagerly waiting for. For this exam; Graduates of mathematics, statistics, physics, chemistry, biology, science and science and technology departments of education, science and literature faculties, apart from political sciences, economics, business administration, economics and administrative sciences, law faculties or engineering programs, can enter. Those who take the KPSS exam held on 7-8 July 2012 and 6-7 July 2013 will be able to participate in the tax inspectorate exam, who get 80 or more points from any type of score. Those who are successful in the written exam to be held by ÖSYM in Ankara will be able to take the oral exam. You must be under the age of 35 to take the exam.

There will be separate exams.
The Tax Inspection Board will subject graduates of fields such as politics, economics, business administration and graduates of engineering and science and literature faculties to separate exams. Political and business graduates will take the exam on subjects such as the Turkish tax system, finance theory, monetary theory. Education, science and literature faculty graduates will be subject to an exam from one of the 4 subgroups determined for the engineering field test. These were determined as "Chemistry-materials engineering group, electrical-electronics-computer engineering group, machinery-manufacturing-industrial engineering group and civil and earth sciences engineering group test". Applications will start on August 12 and end on August 23.

Exam again after 3 years
If the graduates of the faculty of science and literature pass this exam, they will become assistant tax inspectors. To become a tax inspector, they will have to take a new exam after 3 years. With the exam on September 28, the Tax Inspection Board actually takes the majority of graduates from economic sciences and politics to the exam. Graduates of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences will only be able to take the exam from the group who took the exam from the engineering field.


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