Opportunity for Teachers to Learn the Developments in the Field of "Advanced Biotechnology" in Practical Form

The Opportunity for Teachers to Learn the Developments in the Field of "Advanced Biotechnology" in Practice. The 'Biotechnology Academy' project, put forward by Fatih University's Department of Genetics and Bioengineering, received the right to receive incentives from the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK). With the project, teachers will have the opportunity to learn practically the latest developments in the field of 'Advanced Biotechnology'.

'Biotechnology Academy' appeals to classroom teachers with biology, science and technology. The coordinator of the project that teacher candidates will also benefit from and Fatih University Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. Fatih Abasıyanık stated that the aim of the academy is to provide both theoretical and practical information in areas such as gene cloning, GMO and DNA determinations and identification, protein purification and characterization. Abasıyanık stated that the first group of teachers started training as of August.

In the academy, the theoretical knowledge and experimental skills of teachers and prospective teachers on popular topics of biotechnology will be reinforced. In the trainings where participation is free, groups are limited to 15 people. To participate in the program and get detailed information http://www.biyoteknolojimerkezi/akademi You need to visit the page.

The event dates and participants of the project are as follows:

• Science and Technology Class Teachers or Class Teachers: 12 August – 20 August
• Biology Teachers: 26 August – 3 September
• Science and Technology or Classroom Teachers, Undergraduate students: September 9 – September 17
• Biology Education Undergraduate Students: January 20 – January 28


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