Plastics industry gave a foreign trade surplus of 1 billion dollars

The plastics industry had a foreign trade surplus of 6 million dollars on product basis in the first 944 months of the year. The Plastic Industrialists' Federation (PLASFED) published the 2013 first half realizations and year-end forecasts report.

According to the statement made by PLASFED, it was seen in the report that this feature continues in plastic products, which is one of the few sectors with foreign trade surplus. While the sector reached a foreign trade surplus of 6 million dollars at the end of the first 944 months in plastic products, the year-end foreign trade surplus was estimated as 1,9 billion dollars.

– $16,5 billion production-

In the January-June period in plastic products, the industry reached an added value of 6,6 billion dollars and a production value of 16,5 billion dollars. While imports were realized as 1,4 billion dollars and exports as 2,4 billion dollars, the amount of domestic consumption was calculated as 15,6 billion dollars. While production on the basis of quantity was 3,89 million tons, imports amounted to 261 thousand tons and exports amounted to 765 thousand tons.

At the end of the first 6 months of the year, the average export price of plastic products was $3,08 per kilogram, increasing by 4,3 percent compared to the previous year. The import price per kilogram increased by 3,3 percent compared to the previous year and became $5,42.

– The growth forecast for plastic products in 2013 is 13 percent-

In the PLASFED report, it is estimated that the production of plastic products will grow by 2013 percent on value basis and 13 percent on quantity basis, compared to the previous year, at the end of 9, while it is predicted that imports will increase by 10 percent and exports will increase by 17 percent. In the report, it was pointed out that the foreign trade surplus could show a significant growth with 29 percent.

According to PLASFED estimations, plastic products production will reach 2013 billion dollars at the end of 33, imports will reach 2,8 billion dollars and exports will reach 4,7 billion dollars. Foreign trade surplus will be realized as 1,9 billion dollars.

– Raw material problem continues-

On the other hand, the raw material dependency of the sector continues. Due to the lack of production to meet the demand in Turkey, the import of raw materials reached 6 million 3 thousand tons at the end of the first 77 months of the year. Production in raw materials was 427 thousand tons, and the foreign trade deficit was 3,2 million tons.

– “The first half is promising, but one has to be careful”-

PLASFED President Selçuk Aksoy, in his evaluation of the first half results, stated that they are pleased with the continued growth of the sector, but a careful management will be needed in the second half depending on the general economic situation.
Pointing out that the risk factor has still not disappeared in the global economy, especially in the European Union (EU), Aksoy said, “Political problems in Turkey's emerging markets are deepening. As a result of all these, it was announced by the authorities that the growth rate of the Turkish economy would remain below 4 percent. There is no improvement in the structural problems of the plastics industry. Therefore, we are entering a period that needs to be carefully managed in every aspect. It should be emphasized once again that our dependence on imports in plastic raw materials continues, but our producers are exporting with great effort and we continue to have foreign trade surplus”.


source : bloomberght

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