The danger in fake perfume

The danger in fake perfume. Associate Professor. Burhan Engin said, 'Using fake perfume means harming your skin, your skin and your most sensitive areas.

Istanbul University (IU) Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine Department of Dermatology Faculty Member Assoc. Burhan Engin,
Stating that there are many chemicals in the original perfume, this rate and variety is higher in fake production, he said, "Using fake perfume means harming your skin, your skin and your most sensitive areas." Engin reported to the AA correspondent that perfumes produced in under-the-counter shops and sold in bottles that do not look like the originals damage the skin. Assoc. Dr. Noting that the original perfumes are inspected by large companies, the factors that will negatively affect human health are minimized, Engin said, "On the other hand, counterfeit perfumes are not tested and inspected.
may contain substances that may adversely affect human health. In these products, cheap additives such as antifreeze and alcohol can be used.” Engin drew attention to the fact that there are many chemicals even in original perfumes and continued as follows: “This ratio and variety is higher in fakes. We see that these products cause the most contact dermatitis on the skin. In other words, depending on the contact, a reaction like eczema occurs. Especially burning, redness, swelling, first degree
can cause effects such as burns. Sometimes, when used for a long time, it causes permanent staining, especially in the neck and face areas. In fact, since we can't test all fake perfumes one by one, we can't even guess how harmful they are. For example, the skin has a protective layer. It is absorbed up to a certain rate. The ratio is so important. There are also some chemicals used in plastics and rubbers in fake perfumes. They also damage the skin

-“Permanent stains may not be recognized because they do not appear immediately”
Burhan Engin emphasized that those who use fake perfumes apply to the hospital with the complaint of "redness and burning on the skin" and that staining is not at the forefront, emphasizing that permanent stains may not be recognized because they do not appear immediately. Assoc. Dr. Noting that fake perfume should not be used, Engin gave the following information: “When using perfume, the skin should not come into contact with the sun. Using fake perfume means harming your skin, your most sensitive areas. Since additives are added to these perfumes in an uncontrolled way, they are very likely to cause allergies and long-term changes in the skin.”

- "I don't use it because I know its harms"
While some citizens prefer fake perfume because it is cheaper, others do not use it because they learn about its harms.
Mechanical Engineer Bünyamin Ayaz stated that he is wary of perfumes and said that they learned about the harms of fake perfumes through news in newspapers and television. Ayaz stated that especially his family warned him about this issue from an early age. Ayaz said, “Because I learned about the harms of fake perfume from television.
I wasn't using it yet. Later, I learned from various health professionals that it can cause permanent problems. I'm careful not to use perfume anyway," he said.

– “We get it from recognition”
Housewife Neriman Çelik stated that she used fake perfumes from time to time. Noting that you can come across fake perfume sellers all over Istanbul at any time, Çelik said that it is easy to find fake perfumes because of this.
Çelik said, “I am a housewife. When I can't spend much, I can buy fake perfumes, but from trusted places. I don't get it anywhere. We have acquaintances in our neighbourhood. When I take it from him, I feel a little more comfortable.”

– “I use it because it is cheap”
University student Talha Tunç also explained that she could not spend a lot because she was a student, and noted that she turned to fake perfumes because original perfumes were expensive. Tunç said, “These perfumes are sold everywhere. In terms of smell, it is actually no different from the real thing, but its permanence is less. "I use fake perfume because it is cheaper than the original," he said.


Source : turkiyenewspaper

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