Impact Damping Composite Material from Sakarya University

Impact Absorbing Composite Material from Sakarya University. Sakarya University (SAU) Technology Faculty Faculty Member Assist. Assoc. Dr. Uğur Soy produced protective materials to reduce the impact of traffic accidents that cost the lives of 4 thousand people and injure more than 200 people a year.

According to Zaman's report; Noting that one of the ways to avoid accidents is that the vehicles have safer equipment and shock absorbing systems during impact, Soy said, “The deformation that occurs in traffic accidents towards the passenger cabin creates dangerous situations in terms of life safety. For this, we have developed an impact-absorbing composite material during impact. Our material consists of two components. One of them is special aluminum alloy plates. The other is polymer foam material. The material we combine in a layered manner reduces the kinetic energy generated during impact. It minimizes the force acting on the living cabin.” said.

Uğur Soy stated that although their number is very small, steel bars are used in some vehicles, that these bars cannot cover the entire impact contact surfaces and that they almost double the impact effect instead of absorbing the impact. According to Soy's information, there are not many safety systems other than airbags and ABS braking systems in the vehicles. Steel bars are used in the world. Since it does not completely wrap the outer surface of the car and only passes through some regions locally, efficiency cannot be obtained. Stating that possible impacts are swallowed by this material, Soy said, “We believe that the impact-absorbing composite material we have developed will be used in our domestic cars first and we will have safer journeys.” he said.


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