New Trend Ponytail Herb in Shampoo

The New Trend Horsetail Plant in Shampoo. It has been reported that horsetail shampoo, which has made its name known in the world in a short time and has just started to be used in Turkey, prevents hair loss, thickens the hair strand and gives shine.

Horse caregivers, who tried the horsetail herb extra for horses in America and got outstanding results, unwittingly created a new trend in the world.

It has been seen that shampoos produced with horsetail extract not only thicken the hair, but also revitalize it and prevent shedding. Thereupon, shampoos with horsetail extract, which were also used by world-famous stars, came to the agenda of REVOX, TLT-MED, which has an R&D Laboratory in Ankara under the name of GEOMASS, and LTS Technology Group, which produces shampoos special for some ailments.
Talat Sam, President of LTS Technology Group, stated that after months of work, they managed to add horsetail shampoo to REVOX brand shampoos by using completely superior technology and said:

“In this shampoo, we have formulated horsetail extract with specially selected herbal actives. We can argue that our product performed even better than horsetail shampoos in other developed countries. Because we also used the plant richness of our country. In addition to horsetail extract, which gives volume and vitality to the hair, this product, which is produced from completely natural plants and combined with oxygenated water that repairs the hair root, will be mentioned frequently in the shampoo industry in the coming days. Hair loss, which is a problem for almost everyone, will be prevented with REVOX ponytail shampoo. The fact that the shampoo is economical and can be used for the whole family is also a plus for users.”


Stating that he believes that the REVOX ponytail shampoo, which they produce using completely cutting-edge technology to make the hair healthier and stronger, will cure many people's problems, Sam continued as follows:

“REVOX ponytail shampoo has many positive effects on the hair and scalp. Scientific research on our shampoo, certified by EU-approved Swiss laboratories, has determined that it prevents possible itching, flaking and dryness on the skin up to 100 percent, and cleans and purifies the scalp and hair, thanks to its anti-irritation feature. This complex also protects the scalp and hair from internal and external radicals, allowing hair to grow faster. It turned out that REVOX ponytail shampoo did not have any side effects, as well as providing a significant amount of thickening of the hair strand and preventing shedding.”



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