Turkish Education Foundation (TEV) will provide a monthly scholarship of 2013 TL to 2014 successful students in the 60-1000 academic year.

Turkish Education Foundation (TEV) will provide monthly scholarships of 2013 TL to 2014 successful students in the 60-1000 academic year. Scholarship” will continue to support successful university students. In the 2007-2008 academic year, TEV will accept the applications of students who entered the top 2013 according to the score type in the 2014 Undergraduate Placement Exam. A monthly scholarship of 2013 TL will be provided to 2 successful university students who will be selected as a result of the applications.

TEV Outstanding Achievement Scholarship will be able to apply to the first 2013 students with a placement score according to MF1, MF2, MF3, MF4, TM1, TM2, TM3, TS1, TS2 score types in the 2 Undergraduate Placement Exam. Among the students who won the departments in the field of Basic Sciences, the applications of the first 3 thousand students will be evaluated. Students who have passed from the university preparatory class to the first year and students who have passed to the second year will also be able to benefit from the scholarship. For these students, the conditions are required to have entered the first 2 in the undergraduate placement exam in the year they entered the university, to pass the preparatory class successfully, and to have a first-year grade point average of at least 3,5 (at least 100 in universities with grades out of 87,5).
TEV Outstanding Achievement Scholarships awarded in the fields of Engineering-Architecture, Health Sciences, Administrative Sciences, Basic Sciences, Social Sciences and Law, on 20 August-20 September.www.tev.org.trThey should apply to TEV with the required documents by filling out the application form at the address of ” by 23 September at the latest.


Source : student guide

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