Pharmaceutical Industry Product Manager Certification Program from Bilgi University

Pharmaceutical Industry Product Manager Certification Program from Bilgi University.Bilgi University restarts its product manager training program for the pharmaceutical industry in November.
Despite its strict rules, complex business processes, diverse customer groups and fierce competition, the Pharmaceutical Industry is one of the leading sectors with its deep-rooted history, dynamic working environment and opportunities it provides.
Product Management is one of the most critical roles in this industry. Those who fulfill this challenging task properly have the opportunity to climb the career ladder faster.

The 48-hour program, where experienced senior managers of the sector will explain how theory and real life work, will start in November at Bilgi University Santral Campus.

Bilgi University Certificate will be given to the participants who successfully complete the program.

The target audience of the program, which had 30 graduates in the previous period, is young professionals who are at the beginning of their careers and want to spend many years in the sector. In the program, the methods of successful product marketing will be explained by considering the sector from many different angles - starting from legislation, operation and stakeholder relations.

It is a fact known throughout the industry how much equipment a product manager who can become a potential general manager in the future needs, yet not enough time or resources can be allocated to this issue; A program was designed to close the gap at this point.

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