BOTAŞ will generate electricity from exhaust gas

BOTAŞ, which holds approximately 80 percent of the natural gas market, will generate electricity from the exhaust gas. .

Kırklareli compressor station was chosen as the pilot area for the project. In the first place, the company will investigate the industrial usability of the waste heat generated in the compressor station. The project will be expanded to other stations according to the results to be obtained.

On the other hand, the details of BOTAŞ' natural sales in 2012 emerged. The company sold the most gas to the electricity sector with 17,2 billion liras. Sectoral natural gas sales of Boru Hatları ve Petrol Taşıma AŞ (BOTAŞ) in 2012 became clear. According to official data, a total of 32,4 billion liras of natural gas was sold last year.

BOTAŞ sold the most natural gas to the electricity sector with 17,2 billion liras in the same period.

On the other hand, 6,1 billion liras of natural gas was sold to residences. The public company sold the remaining natural gas to other sectors, especially chemistry, Organized Industrial Zones (OSM) and transportation. While 21,3 billion of gas sales were made to private companies, the rest was sold to public institutions such as official offices and local administrations and SEEs (Public Economic Enterprises).

In order to avoid the damage, BOTAŞ made a record increase of 2012 percent in the natural gas it gave to public power plants at the end of 37. After the high price hike of BOTAŞ, the price of one thousand cubic meters of natural gas increased from 1.013-1.040 Turkish Liras (the price varies according to the power plant) to 1.400-1.427 TL. BOTAŞ sells the most natural gas to the electricity sector. Of the total 41,3 billion cubic meters of natural gas sold last year, 21 billion cubic meters were sold to the electricity sector. Despite the high hike, the company closed the year 2012 with a loss of 606 million lira.


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