Tissue Banking Will Be Established: It is Planned to Open the First Laboratory in İzmir

Tissue Banking Will Be Established: It is planned to open the first laboratory in İzmir. İzmir Tepecik Training and Research Hospital Tissue Type Laboratory Supervisor Prof. Dr. İbrahim Pirim stated that they plan to establish a human tissue bank, which has applications in very few countries in the world, and that they will store parts such as skin, cornea, heart valve, cartilage, meniscus, vein and bone taken from humans in the bank and make them available to compatible patients.

İbrahim Pirim, who is also the Head of the Department of Medical Biology at Izmir Katip Çelebi University Faculty of Medicine, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that "tissue data banking", "cord blood banking" and " He said that projects on “human tissue banking” were prepared and implemented.
Reminding that cadavers are used in organ transplant centers, Prof. Dr. Pirim reported that some human materials are sold in the world and there are some people who make a profit from this sale.

The stage we've reached in the project is good.

Explaining that the bones, tendons and vessels were taken from the cadaver for transplantation and some points were rehabilitated, İbrahim Pirim said, “After the material is stored, the patient in need uses it. We also want to create a tissue information, cord blood and human tissue banking system. Recently, especially human skin, cornea, cartilage, meniscus, veins are removed and made acellular (cell-free). This process is carried out in order to avoid a reaction in the person to whom the material will be transferred. We have reached a good stage in the project and we want to implement it within a year.”

“We want to implement a world-class center”

Noting that human tissue banking is important for the treatment of many diseases, İbrahim Pirim explained the practices in the world as follows:
“A patient's jaw may have a very serious deformation, when you put the processed bone there, you repair it. Let's say there is a femur fracture, you can bring a human bone and integrate it into the patient, that bone fuses with its own bone. The same is true for tendons, meniscus, and heart valves. Until now, pig heart valves were used. The quality of the material to be used for treatment is very important, you use the material taken from one person for another person. In other words, you place the original spare part.”
Noting that the human being is a very mysterious being and that there are separate structures, Pirim said, “Our studies show us that the human body considers everything that is not itself foreign and declares war on it. We call it the immune system. In other words, you make the spare parts such that the system should not define that material as foreign. You are processing the part, removing some parts of it. When you transfer the material, the person no longer accepts that piece as a foreigner.”

Stating that few countries in the world do human tissue banking, İbrahim Pirim stated that Israeli-based companies in the USA are working on the subject, and similar banks have been established in England, the Netherlands and recently in Bulgaria.
Stating that the project, which is planned to be built for the first time in Turkey, needs financial support, Pirim said, “It is very costly to keep the material and carry out the work. We want to provide support by informing universities and industrialists about this work and to establish a world-class center.”


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