They Will Design an Eco-Friendly School for Gaziantep!

They Will Design an Eco-Friendly School for Gaziantep! The Ecological City Project, built by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, with a population of approximately 200 thousand and 50 thousand residences, continues to make a worldwide impact.
While the efforts of the Metropolitan Municipality, which draws attention with its environmentalist projects, to establish an ecological city in Gaziantep and its rapid achievement of these goals, attract the attention of many administrations from abroad, the project continues to attract attention on the international platform.

Stating that Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, which has signed environmental projects such as Climate Action Plan and Certified Passive House in Turkey, its plans to establish an ecological city and its efforts to reach these goals quickly continue to attract attention, Head of Zoning and Urbanization Department Sezer Cihan, Izocam He said that in the 2014th Izocam Multi Comfort Buildings Student Competition, which will be held in 14 as a result of the preparations made in cooperation with Isover and Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, it is planned that the students will design a primary school in Gaziantep and that the project, which won the first place at the end of the international stage, will be implemented in the eco-city settlement area.
Stating that they will work on a primary school design this time, Sezer Cihan said, “The school project is the new Ekokent Project built by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and has a living space for 200 thousand people. will be developed in Of the students participating in the competition; Within the Ekokent Project, they will be expected to design a school that combines classical elements with modern education and can accommodate 6 to 10 students between the ages of 400-600.”


Cihan continued his words as follows: “The University Students Insulation Competition, which has been organized by Izocam for 14 years, has been carried out in coordination with the Isover Multi Comfort Buildings Student Competition since 2010. Every year, undergraduate and graduate students from engineering and architecture faculties of many different countries participate in the competition, and students who make designs in accordance with the content criteria determined for the competition are fighting for first place with their projects. The Multi Comfort Buildings Student Competition aims to spread the ideas developed on energy efficiency and different comfort dimensions and carry them to the future. The national leg of the competition, which is structured in two stages, is organized by Izocam. The three best projects in each country qualify for the competition at the international stage hosted by Isover. In the competition, which is based on renewable energy sources, energy efficiency in buildings and structures with multi-comfort standards, different competition topics and different building concepts are projected by students studying at the architecture and engineering faculties of world universities.

In 2013, more than a thousand students from more than 100 universities in different countries, ranging from the national stage to the Far East, registered. The international final of the 25 Izocam & Isover Multi Comfort Buildings Student Competition, where architecture and engineering students from over 2014 countries are expected to participate, will be held in late May. The competition calendar will be announced in September 2013.


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