Much More Than Recycling (Upcycling) 'Upcycling'

Much More Than Recycling (Upcycling) 'Upcycling' Upcycling, one of the methods tried with sustainability awareness, transforms materials that are difficult to recycle into original and environmentally friendly products.

We know that the recycling of unused items is called 'recycling'. Well, don't you want your disposable items to become better and environmentally compatible products? With this system called 'Upcycling', you can transform your old clothes, even broken ones, into a magnificent transformation.

In Recycling, a re-manufacturing is made for recycling, the items that do not work in Upcycling are rearranged in a way different from their purpose and used in a useful way.

In Özge Özkul's news on ntvmsnbc, Strategic Marketing and Brand Management Specialist Murat Erdör pointed out that Upcycling significantly reduces the damage to nature:

“As the consumed materials can be reintroduced into the recycling ring, first of all, the need for raw materials is reduced. Thus, the increase in consumption in parallel with the increase in the human population will prevent the natural balance and the damage to the nature. Moreover, the re-use of recyclable materials as raw materials makes it possible to save a great deal of energy. As an example, we can give them making flower pots from tires and dismantling and using everything one by one instead of demolishing the old houses implemented in New York.”

Do you have examples?

Setting out to eliminate the idea of ​​waste, TerraCycle company did its first real upcycling in 2007 by collecting beverage packages, yoghurt and cereal bar packages.

Schools in every province of Turkey send their used toothpaste tubes, boxes and brushes to TerraCycle's Oral Care Associations. The collected objects are turned into products ranging from plastic pots to park benches. In this project, children are made aware of issues such as recycling and the environment, and used oral care packages become reusable products instead of going to waste.

Upcycling has been practiced in the world for years and it is becoming more and more common:

The goal is to eliminate 'garbage'

Upcycling is a process that can be repeated throughout the life of materials that return to their flexible, useful form without losing their characteristic value. In this process, 90 percent of the energy required to remake is saved. Newsprint can achieve similar success. With this method, which will appeal to more women, you can cut the sleeves of a beautiful dress that is not on you or that you do not like the model, shorten the length a little and make it suitable for your taste.
Turkey Program Manager Tuğçe Erten said that they can produce close to 500 different products from approximately 100 different types of waste.
Erten said, “Waste is not a natural occurrence, we humans produce it. TerraCycle aims to completely remove the idea of ​​garbage by using forward and recycling methods. We are aware that this will take years, but our goal is to continue to grow market by market, product by product and eliminate waste,” he said.

150 collectors, 4 waste

Although TerraCycle is a well-known company in America and Europe, it is just beginning to be known in Turkey. Currently, people of the company, which only works with the Oral Care Association, collect oral care product waste, toothbrush, toothpaste tube, toothpaste cap, dental floss box and plastic packaging in a box and send it to this company free of charge.

Stating that TerraCycle currently has 150 registered collectors, Erten said that 4 wastes were collected and negotiations with some companies for new projects in Turkey are continuing.

Emphasizing that environmental awareness has developed in Turkey and that especially the new generation is sensitive to the environment, Erten said, “Now everyone wants to do something about the environment. We also direct our energies in this direction and conduct training and gatherings especially in primary and secondary schools and universities. We think our programs are well received and we hope TerraCycle will grow even more in Turkey.”

You can join the project

To participate in the project, you must first open an account at You don't have to pay any fees to sign up for TerraCycle or join an alliance, and shipping costs are covered by the program. From the moment you become a member and join the unions, you need to follow the steps below:

1. Collect the waste and fill them in a bin,

2. Ask for the 'Buyer pay' i.e. free postage label from the website,

3. After printing your free shipping label from the TerraCycle website, stick it on the box you are using.

Then call the UPS Courier Reservation service at 444 00 33. UPS Cargo officials will receive the collected waste from your door free of charge and deliver it to TerraCycle facilities.

The Oral Care Association, which is currently open, does not implement a points program, but a certain amount of points will be earned for each waste in new projects to be opened, and this point will be donated to a school or foundation. Thus, the environment will be protected and help will be provided to those in need.

If you want to take part in this project and contribute to the environment'You can get more detailed information about the project by visiting .



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