UK universities around the world are starting free online classes this week.

As of this week, the UK's worldwide universities are starting free online courses, which are connected to the center with a brand new technology. Millions of people around the world will be able to attend free diploma courses at 24 universities in the UK from next week, with a brand new central connection system.

It has been reported that half of some research universities in England, which have placed the revolutionary hub in their computing centers, similar to YouTube, have uploaded the short courses they have prepared to the digital platform. It was stated that the courses are open to anyone who wants to register unconditionally. In other words, grades will not be looked at in diplomas.

Although some observers say that this trend may negatively affect the campuses of many universities, no one can predict the outcome. Famous universities such as Birmingham, Bath, Warwick, King's College London, Leeds and Exeter, where Abdullah Gül did his master's degree for two years, are among the universities that develop free online courses.

People from all over the world, especially in Turkey, will be able to access the courses via tablets, smartphones or computers. It will be possible to enroll in university diploma courses ranging from five or six-week short courses to as long as 10-12-week academic semesters. It was learned that it would be enough to study for a few hours a week to be able to study and pass the class in the first year of the university. It was stated that over time, universities could receive money from the exams they would organize.

The British government supports the initiative, but the universities of Cambridge, Oxford, University College London, Imperial College are not willing to participate in the free higher education initiative.


Source :egitim.milliyet

📩 17/09/2013 17:48

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