IU. Gives Students the Chance to Study a Second Undergraduate Program on the Internet Without Examining

IU Gives Students the Chance to Study a Second Undergraduate Program Online Without Exams. With the 'Second University Without Examinations' project of Istanbul University Open and Distance Education Faculty, undergraduate graduates and students who continue to university now have the chance to study a second undergraduate program without an exam. Within the scope of the project, implemented with the slogans 'One diploma is not enough', 'One license is one person, two licenses are two people', the second faculty is read online.

With the new application of the Faculty of Distance Education, the second university degree is now very easy. In the exam-free system, there are already some celebrities among the students of the faculty. In the university system without examination, this year; Students are admitted to the departments of business administration, economics, history, geography, philosophy and sociology.

Giving information about the program, Dean of Istanbul University Open and Distance Education Faculty Prof. Dr. Alper Cihan stated that education in the second university without exams is remote, and that those who register can study the university from their homes or workplaces via computer. Cihan said, “After the instructors and courses are determined, the course contents of the lecturers are uploaded to the system. Students place the information in their minds by watching the lessons whenever and wherever they want. Anyone who is enrolled in any undergraduate department within the scope of the second university or has a bachelor's degree can register through direct application. Our registration within the scope of the first diploma in our faculty will end at the end of this month. Registration for our students who want to get a second diploma will continue until the holiday. Our students can get all kinds of information from our website, and they can pre-register here. We also provide all kinds of support to our students through our Facebook and Twitter accounts.”

Stating that many artists supported them within the scope of the system, Cihan said: “Many of our artists supported us in this context. Names such as Arzum Onan, Cengiz Bozkurt and Nasuh Mahruki spoke highly of our project. Our football player Metin Tekin, who is famous as a university football player, will be our student again in the history department. We appreciate the public's interest in our project and we thank all the artists who supported us through you. Our system works like this. We measure whether a course's learning proficiency has been achieved with two types of exams. Midterm and final exam. Our general principle is not to force the exams, as the open education system is not confined to a certain time and place. Our student will give the midterm exam on the internet from the courses he has taken until the time of the exam. In fact, this exam will not contribute much to passing. In this exam, the aim is for students to test themselves. There's a lot of criticism. That's because students cheat when it's done online. However, the effect of our midterm exams on passing is only 20 percent. The final exam, on the other hand, has to be held simultaneously and under surveillance as per the law. That's why we gather our students into classes at designated times and places. We subject our students to live exams.”


Famous actress and model Arzum Onan said that it is very important for the system to be exam-free. Onan stated that the system is a great opportunity to get a second or even a third diploma. Onan, who will open his first sculpture exhibition in November, said that his journey of self-discovery continued with sculpture after modeling and acting, and continued as follows: “Life can take us to places we do not expect, no matter how much we plan. We may also be unhappy in the places we have planned. For these people, a second diploma is as valuable as a second spring.”


Cengiz Bozkurt, who became famous with the character of Erdal Bakkal in the TV series Leyla ile Mecnun, said, "If there was such a system 25 years ago, I would not have left the physics department at METU." said. After leaving the physics department, Cengiz Bozkurt shared his dialogues with his family as follows: “Exploring one's own limits is doing what one really wants to do. I am one of those who cannot discover their own limits. While I was studying at the METU physics department with great enthusiasm, I saw an advertisement from the theater group. I became one of those whose life changed by following this ad. Life is one and short, you have to live it without listening to anyone. I deceived my family that I have been studying physics at METU for 4 years. That's why I couldn't convince my parents to come to the graduation ceremony when I later finished studying media and communications in England. Now I regret it, I admit it. If there was a program like this 25 years ago, I would have studied physics and could have continued in the theater department. They may be studying in the 3rd year or they may graduate, they may even be dissatisfied with their undergraduate degree. The opportunity to study a second degree program without disrupting their work is a great opportunity. I wish it was in my time."


Nasuh Mahruki, on the other hand, said that this project was designed very rationally and said that Istanbul University is for Turkey what Harvard University is for its rootedness. Mahruki said, “I think it is a very exciting project. I am sure it will attract many young people. This project, which provides the opportunity to complete the second university by providing such conveniences, is very valuable to me.” used the phrases.


Commentator Metin Tekin, one of the former Beşiktaş football players, also stated that it is a great pleasure to study at a second university over the internet at home. Saying that the famous door of Istanbul University comes to mind when you think of university, Tekin said, “It is a great opportunity in today's technology. In our developing age, there is a situation where all universities will turn to education on the Internet. Studying a second university online at home is a great pleasure and a great excitement. It's a great opportunity.” he said.


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