Mobile Course Period Started at Kadir Has University with Vodafone Collaboration.

Mobile Course Period Has Started at Kadir Has University with Vodafone Collaboration. The subject of education has been a hot topic in recent years. Organizations such as Udemy, Coursera, Udacity, OpenCourseware, iTunesU, and Turkey's wellbilir are the biggest indicators of how hot this topic is.

Kadir Has University, on the other hand, launched its mobile and social courses today, with a joint project with Vodafone Red Academy and invemo company.
The product works as follows. Vodafone distributes tablets with the mobile course application installed to all students. Students enrolled in the course register with their Google+ and Facebook accounts. In the application, you can watch the lesson remotely with Google Hangout and ask questions to the teacher.

If the teacher shares a file (video, document, book…) during the lesson, you can see it both in the Facebook group and in the application. When you open the application, if your location information is Kadir Has University, the application marks you as “physically in the classroom”, if you are out of campus, “virtally in the classroom”. So, perhaps for the first time, "virtual presence" has replaced attendance for the course.

We can say that such examples will be very useful for education, especially in cities like Istanbul where the traffic is terrible. We can also say that the state should contribute to the proliferation of such examples in terms of content and interactivity, which is perhaps the biggest shortcoming of the Fatih project.
As a final word, good luck to all students for the new academic year, now it's time to replace the excuses "I'm stuck in traffic", "the water's out" with the phrase "sir, I'm out of battery".

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