The Chemical Industry Takes the First Place in Exports to Neighboring Countries

Chemistry Sector Ranks First in Exports to Neighboring Countries. In the January-August period, Turkey made the most exports to its border neighbor countries, consisting of 8 countries, in the chemical industry with 2,2 billion dollars.

According to the data of the Turkish Exporters Assembly, Turkey, which increased its exports to neighboring countries by 4,3 percent in the January-August period of this year, exported 14,3 billion dollars to these countries.

With these figures, Turkey's exports to neighboring countries covered 14,5 percent of its total exports in the said period.

Exports to neighboring countries were listed as Iraq, Azerbaijan-Nakhichevan, Iran, Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia and Syria.

In the aforementioned period, Turkey's exports to Iraq are 7 billion 390 million 515 thousand dollars, to Azerbaijan-Nakhchivan 1 billion 945 million 289 thousand dollars, to Iran 1 billion 616 million 467 thousand dollars, to Bulgaria 1 billion 243 million 197 thousand dollars, 870 million 792 thousand dollars to Greece, 761 million 539 thousand dollars to Georgia and 497 million 561 thousand dollars to Syria.

In the January-August period, the highest amount of exports to these countries was made in the chemical industry with 2 billion 218 million 899 thousand dollars.

In the said sector, 751 million 232 thousand dollars to Iraq, 434 million 833 thousand dollars to Iran, 359 million 846 thousand dollars to Azerbaijan-Nakhichevan, 283 million 512 thousand dollars to Greece, 185 million 253 thousand dollars to Bulgaria, 168 million 601 thousand dollars were exported to Georgia and 35 million 622 thousand dollars were exported to Syria.


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