Chemical alarm in cosmetic products! 40 percent have at least one Endocrine disruptor

Chemical alarm in cosmetic products! 40 percent of them have at least one endocrine disruptor. Cosmetic products that women frequently use in their daily life give a danger signal. Even the most frequently used and seemingly innocent products have chemical risks. This risk can lead to an increase in breast and prostate cancers and infertility. Chemicals in make-up products used by pregnant women also seriously affect the baby.

Women mostly use these products in their daily lives.

It is possible to find many cosmetic products such as lipstick, mascara, powder, foundation, nail polish not only in stores but also in markets and even in shops selling cleaning products.

So, how healthy are these products, which have an almost indispensable place in our lives?

According to research by an independent institute in France, about 40 percent of cosmetic products contain at least one endocrine disruptor. In other words, the hormonal balance of the woman and many accompanying mechanisms are damaged by this substance.

The endocrine disrupting chemical is mostly found in nail polishes with a rate of 74 percent. The danger in nail polish is followed by foundation with 71 percent and products used in eye make-up with 51 percent. 43 percent of the products used to remove make-up from the face contain chemical products that disrupt hormones. 40 percent of lipsticks that women use several times a day also contain endocrine disruptors.

Deodorants aren't exactly innocent either. According to the research, 36 percent of deodorants, 30 percent of toothpastes and 24 percent of shampoos contain these chemicals.

These chemicals affect the system that makes up the endocrine glands and disrupt the hormonal balance. Even a small dose can lead to an increase in breast and prostate cancers and infertility.

Exposure of pregnant women to this chemical can affect both the psychological and physiological development of the baby in the womb.


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