The first green university in Russia started operating

The first green university in Russia is operational.Moscow has recently acquired the first green university. The term green university came to Russia from the west. Students of Green Universities carry out activities such as studying nature, making ecological propaganda, sorting garbage according to its type, and applying green technologies in education.

Moscow Lomonosov University became Russia's first Green university. The Naturalists' Association of Moscow University and the Environmental Protection Association have been operating for more than 200 years, having gained rich experience in implementing ecology activities. Moscow University students participated in ecology festivals and environmental protection events many times. After Moscow University was declared a green university, its ecological activities are intensified.

Moscow University students and lecturers participate in activities such as sorting garbage according to its types, collecting scrap paper.. Meals in the university restaurant are made from ecological vegetables grown in a vegetable garden. University students develop innovative ecology projects, organize ecology conferences and other events.

Moscow University students and lecturers are struggling to spread the “green universities” movement throughout Russia. A while ago, he organized a trainer seminar for representatives of different colleges and introduced what needs to be done for the college to qualify as a green university. According to the information they gave, for this purpose, first of all, an entrepreneurship group should be established and activities aimed at protecting the environment should be carried out.

High schools in different parts of Russia show great interest in the “Green Universities” movement. The “Green Universities” movement aims to achieve several goals. The main one is to accustom students to caring for nature. It is hoped that the “green universities movement” in Russia will lead to the creation of a green economy.
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