Director of the Center for Nanofiber and Nanotechnology at the National University of Singapore Prof. Dr. Turkey Messages of Seeram Ramakrishna

Director of the Center for Nanofiber and Nanotechnology at the National University of Singapore, Prof. Dr. Seeram Ramakrishna stated that Turkey has a very young population and said that new generations should be guided in a way that will be beneficial to the society. Leading researchers in different disciplines such as the purification of water, the conversion of daylight into electricity, the renewal of cells, Ramakrishna gave a conference on innovation as the guest of Izmir University of Economics.
Mentioning at the conference that Turkey has made significant progress for 10 years, he said, “Innovations are very important for the country. Young people need to take part in these innovation studies. Innovations will also put Turkey's socio-economic dimension in order. It will provide new opportunities for the young population. They could come up with better communication devices. They can benefit from innovations in nanotechnology. As Turkey develops, people will want their quality of life to be better.” said.

Noting that the new generation has different learning techniques and that they should be encouraged, Prof. Dr. Ramakrishna said that the difficulty in this area stems from the inability of the older generations to improve themselves: “The younger generations need to transfer their own learning techniques to the older generations. For example, people living in rural areas will also need to pass on new generation information. Rural people are surprisingly hungry for learning, so diversity is needed. The older generations always think that the new generations are worse than them. We must accept new methods so that we can enable young people to be useful to society. If we direct young people to be useful to society, they will do this too. This is the case not only in Turkey, but also in Singapore, Taiwan and the rest of the world. Young people are using new devices. They do this well too. If we motivate them, we will create a better environment.”

Seeram Ramakrishn pointed out that Turkey has made progress in a wide variety of fields, and said that the country has farmer communities, and that processing food products such as olives and figs grown in Izmir with technological developments will be an advantage both in using technology and in providing input to the economy.


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