200 Thousand TL Support from Tübitak for New Ideas and Products

200 Thousand TL Support from Tübitak for New Ideas and Products. TÜBİTAK Vice President Assoc. Dr. Necati Demir announced that TÜBİTAK will provide R&D support up to 200 thousand TL in order to develop products that will reduce foreign dependency and compete in the international arena.
TÜBİTAK has launched a new support program for researchers in universities and public R&D centers under the name of “1005-National New Ideas and Products Research Support Programme”. Within the scope of the program carried out by the Research Support Programs Presidency (ARDEB), new products that can compete with the world will be created by developing imported devices and materials that are widely used in our country.

Academic R&D projects such as the improvement of imported plant varieties cultivated in accordance with the conditions of our country, the development of productive animal breeds, animal products and technologies, the production of products and technologies used in processing, packaging and storage of food products at a level that can compete with international examples will be included in the scope of support. In addition, diagnosis and treatment methods will be supported provided that they can compete with international examples. Projects that will create new features and new products by adding to the technological products that are widely used within the scope of the support will also be discussed. Social and human sciences projects will also be supported under this program.

TÜBİTAK Vice President Necati Demir gave information about the newly launched program of TÜBİTAK and announced that they would support the domestic development of products and technologies that are widely used in our country. Pointing out that the projects prepared for this purpose will be carried out without violating the patent right, Demir said, "With the program, projects aiming to develop a new product and technology on a national and international scale by bringing together more than one product, technology and idea will also be supported."


Stating that the newly launched 1005 Program is a bridge to other programs that support the purpose of developing new ideas and products, Demir continued as follows:
“The way for researchers who developed prototypes to apply to TEYDEB-1505, KOSGEB, San-Tez programs to reveal the final product has been opened. In the case of direct development of the product, it is aimed to apply the results of the project to the TEYDEB-1512 support program.

University and public R&D center employees will be able to apply to this program, which will provide support of up to 18 thousand TL for a maximum of 200 months. Within the scope of the program, scholarship support will be given up to 3 thousand TL per month. Travel support up to 10 thousand TL will be provided for scientific meetings and studies. Project Incentive Bonus will be given to the project coordinator up to a thousand TL per month, and up to 500 TL per month to the researcher.”



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