Turkish inventor will produce the world's most durable and radiation-absorbing concrete thanks to the substance 'Sodium Pentaborate'

Thanks to the substance 'Sodium Pentaborate', the Turkish inventor will produce the most durable and radiation-absorbing concrete in the world. Turkish explorer Faruk Durukan, who was nominated for the Nobel Prize in science with this work by turning the stone into water and using this water in the production of non-combustible materials, completed the purification of the 'Boron' mine, which he carried out in partnership with nearly 72 universities in Turkey.

Faruk Durukan, who has been working on the 'Boron' substance for months with academics in universities, has done even more by completing the purification of 'Boron' substance, which is known to be carried out only in the USA in the world, in Turkey as well. While it is known in the USA that 'Boron' can only be purified and 'Sodium Pentaborate' can be extracted from it, Faruk Durukan has brought a new dimension to the construction industry in Turkey and in the world with his discovery on the use of this substance.

This concrete will revolutionize the construction industry

Turkish explorer Faruk Durukan, who carries out his studies in his laboratory in the world's most advanced plant extract production facilities in Edremit, Balıkesir, tried the substance 'Sodium Pentaborate' obtained by purifying the 'Boron' element in cement manufacture and encountered a surprising result. It is absolutely impossible for the concrete produced by mixing a certain amount of 'Sodium Pentaborate' into its cement to break or deform compared to normal concrete. In addition, it was determined that the most important feature of the concrete produced by adding 'Sodium Pentaborate' is its ability to completely absorb radiation.

In this way, if concrete containing 'Sodium Pentaborate' is used in the construction of a nuclear power plant to be established in our country, this structure will be the safest nuclear power plant in the world. This concrete can be used in military warehouse buildings, in tube passages, tunnels, bridges, concrete roads or dams due to low hydration, in safe waste storage areas, in x-ray rooms of hospitals, and in the construction of high-rise buildings due to its reinforcement. It was learned that the patent required for the production of 'Sodium Pentaborate' obtained in the facilities named 'Kale Naturel' was also obtained.

Turkey can now process boron!

Turkish explorer Faruk Durukan stated that they have been happy to purify 'Boron', which is assumed to be the world's most valuable fuel and element, and to obtain a substance that brings convenience to human life for centuries, although it is known that 72 percent of the world is in Turkey. There has always been a rumor for years. Because we have 72 percent of the world's reserves of boron, but it cannot be processed.

However, we have now succeeded in bringing Boron to the highest degree of purity and processing it. The initial processing state of boron is Sodium Pentaborate. We were able to produce this item as well. The most specific area of ​​use of this substance is nuclear power plants, as it acts to stop the transmission of radiation. It can be used comfortably in the construction of high buildings, as it makes the concrete hard to break.

We have also obtained a patent for this work. Now our country has reached the stage of selling processed Boron. We continue to improve our work in this regard. Our aim is to identify even wider usage areas of Boron from now on, and to produce materials suitable for this, to process the raw material in our country and sell it to the world market”.
The company, which had the 'Sodium Pentaborate' mixed concrete obtained by processing the raw material taken from the 'Boron' mine tested in the laboratories, then tried the 'Boron' mixed concrete in the column concretes of a construction.

All his inventions entered Turkish literature

Turkish explorer Faruk Durukan, who is the owner of Turkey's first and only plant extract production facilities and the world's most advanced, has revealed all his wealth in his scientific studies, which he has been carrying out in partnership with about 20 universities in the country for years; He discovered the tea he made from olives, produced the most effective vaccine for Swine Flu disease, and proved that the Oleuropein substance taken from the olive extract can be used in the treatment of cancer disease.

It succeeded in producing 3 useful substances by separating olive black water, which is a problem that olive producing countries have not been able to cope with for 3 thousand years, paved the way for textile companies with root dye obtained from different plant extracts, succeeded in producing the world's highest quality activated carbon material from olive seed, with the invention of stone water. brought a new dimension to the production of strategically important non-combustible materials and made many more inventions. Faruk Durukan is the only explorer of Turkey who did not have a formal academic education, who managed to have all his scientific discoveries written in the medical literature.




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