Turkish professor received invitation to CERN studies

Turkish professor was invited to CERN studies. Dr. Ali Okatan said that with the experiment called the 'God Particle', it was seen how Allah created the universe in a time that is almost non-existent.

Konya Chamber of Commerce (KTO) Karatay University Faculty of Engineering Dean Prof. Dr. Ali Okatan stated that it is pleasing to be invited from Turkey to CERN this year and next year. Stating that Turkey did not participate in these projects for a while, Prof. KTO Karatay University and a few universities would contribute to the projects. Dr. Okatan noted that at CERN, the internal structures of the Atom are being studied. Dr. Okatan stated that the work for the renewal of the detectors used in the experiments stopped for a while, and said, “The information received before is currently being analyzed by hundreds of thousands of computers. The most talked about thing here is the God Particle. The big bang was involved in the creation of the universe. There is a particle thought to have emerged from this explosion. These are detected by detectors. In CERN studies, it was thought, can this particle be recovered again, which was obtained. More information will emerge by examining the information. We are trying to create a grid point for a computer in our university regarding this issue. This information will also be examined by us.”

Explaining that the creation of the universe was tried to be examined with the experiment called the God Particle, Prof. DR. Okatan said, “The universe does not come into existence spontaneously. In our religion and in the Qur'an, Allah already says, 'We said it to be, it happened' for the universe. In fact, the big bang shows that the universe was formed in a very short time. So there is no contradiction. This is what is said in the Qur'an; It is the creation of the universe by the will of Allah Ta'ala. I don't see any contradiction in that. For this reason, CERN's work is met with opposition both in the Christian world and in some other religious circles. Our religion especially supports scientific studies. It does not forbid examining where we came from and how we came to be," he said.

prof. Dr. Explaining that in the new experiments, there is not only a 'God Particle' being tried to be found in the new experiments, but that they are working on the production of medical devices for cancer patients, Okatan said, “The majority of the scientists participating in the studies here are engineers. Necessary devices are produced especially for cancer patients and for many diseases. These are produced as by-products. Bullet fights are happening these days. In particular, necessary studies are carried out for the production of reactors that do not have waste problems. Lead and lead atoms are collided and their results are now being examined," he said.


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