12 students received their 1+1 international double diplomas with the method applied by Uludağ University for the first time in vocational education in Turkey.

12 students from Uludag University (UU) Vocational School of Technical Sciences received their double diplomas. Students who completed their education with the method that was started two years ago between the School and City College Brighton and Hove and Havering College in England and applied for the first time in vocational education in Turkey, received a double diploma with EDEXCEL accreditation recognized in 115 countries of the world.

A graduation ceremony was held at the UU Rectorate Hall for 1+1 double diploma students who completed their first year of education at Uludag University and their second year in England. Bursa Technical University Rector Prof. Speaking at the ceremony attended by students' parents as well as Ali Sürmen, UÜ Rector Prof. Dr. Kamil Dilek stated that only Uludag University could finish the program that started with 7 universities. Rector Dilek said: 'I would like to thank all my teachers and students who contributed. They applied a different education model, they made sacrifices, but today they got the product of those sacrifices. Not only they, but also our university shared with our country before the Council of Higher Education that it is a privileged and private university with their efforts. This training program is a very special one. We know that our children who graduate from this program are special students. They should also be aware of this. 7 of our students will continue their undergraduate education, but we want and support all of them to continue their undergraduate education.”

UU Technical Sciences Vocational School Director Prof. Dr. Rıdvan Ezentaş stated that YÖK started the 1+1 Double Degree Project in 2009. prof. Dr. Ezentaş gave the following information: 'It means getting the diploma of both educational institutions by studying for one year in Turkey and one year abroad after our students' preparation in English with a 1+1 double diploma project. We started this project together with 2009 universities selected by YÖK in 21. First of all, in 2010, 4 private and 3 state universities, together with us, took our first students within the scope of this project. Although we are sad to be alone in an environment where the other 7 universities that accept students cannot continue the program due to some reasons, we are proud to be the only and the first university in Turkey to have achieved this, by continuing on our way, as members of Uludag University. Our 12 students, who graduated with a good academic staff who believed in this project, have a great share in our success in this project.”

Denizcan Peltek, a graduate student, talked about the difficulties they experienced. Peltek said, 'For us, it is a really important success to complete the preparatory class first, then the first class in English in a very different system, and then go to England and study in a different culture. Moreover, we completed this process with incredible memories and friendships that are difficult to experience again. We felt the difficulties of life deeply, we saw the difficulty of working and earning money. And today we are all thinking of going back to England and completing engineering education.” he said.

UU Rector Kamil Dilek and Technical University Rector Ali Sürmen presented the diplomas of the students.


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