'Renewable Energy Club' is Established

The 'Renewable Energy Club' is being established for the first time at the Mevlana Society and Science Center, where BORNOVA Municipality trains the scientists of the future. Bornova Municipality, which provides applied science education to students in astronomy, biology, physics, chemistry, history and philosophy of science, and fossil science clubs, is entering the fall semester with new experimental tools and training modules.
2013 fall semester training starts on Tuesday, October 1 at the Bornova Municipality Mevlana Society and Science Center. For the first time, the Renewable Energy Club will take part in various activities in the popular science trainings, which will last for 5 weeks for each group. Astronomy, biology, physics, chemistry, history and philosophy of science and fossil science clubs will continue their education with new experiment sets and modules.
The students, who will use the educational and experimental tools that have been renewed in the light of scientific and technological developments, will learn the scientific facts they see with the formulas in the textbooks by experimenting and experiencing. Students selected by their teachers in the schools where they study, taking into account their aptitude for science, will have received a total of 5 hours of lessons at the end of the 20-week education. Students who complete the training will also be given a certificate of participation.

The science education given by Bornova Municipality at Mevlana Society and Science Center was also the subject of a scientific thesis at Ege University. A research assistant doing her master's degree in Ege University Faculty of Educational Sciences will talk about the education model in Mevlana in her thesis. Within the scope of this study, the science club trainings given at the center will be analyzed and its contribution to the cognitive processes of the students will be discussed.

In the first six months of 2013, Bornova Municipality Mevlana Society and Science Center served 13 people with hobbies-skills, theater courses, social services, collective events and popular science clubs. Over the past six-month period, about 500 of the participants have joined science clubs.
Bornova Mayor Prof. Dr. Kamil Okyay Sındır said that they will continue to provide science education to the students in the district in the new academic year as well. Stating that at the Mevlana Society and Science Center of Bornova Municipality, students learn by trying the scientific events they see in the formulas in the textbooks at their schools, Sındır said, "I believe that this center will make important contributions to the training of future scientists."


Source : Hurriyet

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