Energy consumption in the world increased by 2012 in 1,8

BP Chief Energy Economist Paul Appleby: World primary energy consumption slowed in 2012 due to high prices, economic recession and progress in energy efficiency. While energy consumption increased by 2011% in 2,4, it increased only 2012% in 1,8. Most of this increase came from developing countries.

The “II. TEPAV – BP Energy Forum” was held on Thursday, October 3, 2013 at TEPAV building in Ankara. Officials of companies operating in the field of energy, academics, representatives of non-governmental organizations, established diplomatic missions in Turkey and representatives from relevant public institutions attended the second conference, which was organized to inform the public about global energy issues and to contribute to scientific studies in this field.

TEPAV Executive Director Güven Sak, BP Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey President Gordon Birrell also took the floor at the forum, where the opening speech was made by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Metin Kilci, while BP Chief Energy Economist Paul Appleby said “The Outlook of Energy in the World and in Turkey”. made a presentation on


Pointing out that energy consumption in the whole world increased by only 2012 percent in 1,8, BP Chief Energy Economist Paul Appleby stated that this increase was 2,4 percent in the previous year, and said: It is also about the energy efficiency studies of individuals and institutions due to high prices. Most of the increase in consumption comes from developing economies, ie non-OECD countries. For example, 90 percent of the increase comes from India and China. While 20 percent of global consumption came from developing economies 42 years ago, today this figure has reached 56 percent. We observe that the increase in global natural gas demand continues. Global natural gas consumption increased by 2012% in 2,2.”


Touching on the energy outlook in Turkey in his speech, Appleby stated that the consumption of primary energy resources in Turkey was 2012 percent in 0,89. Appleby continued his words as follows: “Due to economic growth, oil consumption in Turkey increased by 2,3 percent in one year. When we look at the last 5 years, we see that primary energy use in Turkey has increased by 16 percent.” Expressing that Turkey's oil consumption constitutes approximately 1 percent of the world and gas consumption is approximately 1,4 percent of the world, Appleby said the following regarding Turkey's energy demand: up to 1 percent. In 2012, 26,4 percent of Turkey's total primary energy consumption is oil, 35 percent is natural gas, 26,3 percent is coal, 11 percent is hydroelectric, and 1,4 percent is renewable energy. We see it coming from the sources.”


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