2013 Nobel Prize in Medicine Shared Between Three Scientists

The 2013 Nobel Prize in Medicine was shared between three researchers. Sweden's Karolinska Institute, which determined the winners, awarded James Rothman, Randy Schekman and Thomas Sudhof.

In the statement made by the Institute, it was said, "With their discovery, the three researchers were able to unequivocally reveal how the transmission and transport system inside the cell is controlled."

Researchers also received a monetary award of $ 1.2 million.
Rothman is a researcher at Yale USA and Schekman is a researcher at UC Berkeley University. Sudhof is an academic at another American University, Stanford.


In their research in Physiology, the three identified the pattern of vesicle traffic in cells. The researchers thus revealed how cells 'organize the transport system'.

As part of their discovery, the researchers determined how insulin is produced and how it enters the blood at the right place and time.

Jan-Igne Heenter, professor of oncology at the Karolinska Institute, said: "The discoveries will not only help us understand the human body, but will also help us treat diseases in certain organs, such as nervous and immune system disorders and diabetes."

The Nobel Institute first determines the winners in the field of medicine. The awards have become a tradition in the scientific world since 1901 in the name of Swedish businessman and inventor Alfred Nobel, who discovered dynamite.



Source : ntvmsnbc

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