Metal in waste battery turns into economy

The metal in the waste battery returns to the economy. With the project, it is aimed to bring the 10 thousand tons of waste batteries that are released every year in Turkey to the economy.

Makbule Dene, who graduated from Süleyman Demirel University Environmental Engineering Department last year, announced that the 'metal recovery from waste batteries' project was supported by KOSGEB and a grant of 300 thousand lira was given. Dene, who established his own private laboratory and started his research, drew attention to the fact that there is no waste battery recycling facility in Turkey.

Emphasizing that this project is very important in protecting the environment, Makbule Dene said, “As a result of our research and experiments, we have achieved metal recovery from waste batteries. With the support of KOSGEB, we are rapidly continuing R&D studies at Gül Petek Industrial Estate.”

Dene underlined that with the completion of the R&D process, they will accelerate the commercial venture. Dene said, “Thanks to the metal recovery system from waste batteries, which was successfully completed in Isparta, we will ensure that an average of 10 thousand tons of waste batteries released every year in Turkey will be evaluated and contribute to the economy.”

Environmental engineer Dene stated that supporting innovative ideas will make a great contribution to Isparta, and that perhaps Turkey's first waste battery recycling facility will be opened in this province.


source :dha

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