Electric Generating Soccer Ball

A soccer ball developed by US researchers produces electrical energy. When played with a soccer ball for half an hour, it is possible to obtain electricity to illuminate a lamp for 3 hours. Melissa Seligmann from the organization named “Uncharted Play” describes soccer balls with these sentences: “This is a Soccket. A soccer ball with energy stored in it. While playing, it is charging. When played for half an hour, electricity is produced to illuminate a lamp for 3 hours.”

Stating that the price of the soccer ball is 100 Dollars, Vicktor Angel said, “We are aware that this price is high for young people in America or any other country.”
Stating that the ball that produces electrical energy can be beneficial for the children of developing countries, Angel said, “There is a lithium battery inside. Just like on iPhone or similar devices. The battery can be recharged. So kids in developing countries can play football first and then do their homework using LED lamps at home.”
To date, Soccket's production costs have been covered by donations. Victor and Melissa hope that the project will one day be able to self-finance.

The 25-year-old tech wants to further develop the Soccket. It aims to serve the ball, especially where there is no electricity.


Victor Angel said, “The most important thing here was that the ball was light. After all, the children will play. Currently only 50 grams heavier than a regular soccer ball. There is no air in it. So it cannot explode. You can also play in the mud and in the rain,” he says.

electricity generating ball


Source : DW Turkish

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