Istanbul University left behind the allowance of 5 ministries

The budget appropriation foreseen for Istanbul University for the next year has surpassed the appropriation allocated for 5 ministries. For the next year, 223,7 million liras to the Ministry of European Union, 652,6 million liras to the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, 142,8 million liras to the Ministry of Youth and Sports, 644,7 million liras to the Ministry of Customs and Trade, 519,1 to the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs. While a budget appropriation of 786,5 million lira was foreseen, this figure was XNUMX million lira for Istanbul University.

Even the sum of the appropriations envisaged to the Presidency, the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court, the Council of State and the Court of Accounts could not reach the amount of appropriations to be given to Istanbul University. The total appropriations foreseen for the next year for the Presidency (201,5 million lira), the Constitutional Court (39 million lira), the Supreme Court (152,5 million lira), the Council of State (95,3 million lira) and the Court of Accounts (175,4) are 663,7, XNUMX million pounds remained.
In the Medium Term Fiscal Plan (2014-2016), the 2014 budget appropriation proposal ceilings of the special budget administrations were also included. The state increased the budget appropriation allocated to universities for the next year by 2013 percent compared to 11, to 16 billion 749 million 950 thousand liras.

Istanbul University took the lion's share among a total of 102 universities, as in previous years. Istanbul University ranked first with a budget allocation of 786,5 million liras, followed by Hacettepe University with 551,3 million liras and Ankara University with 541,9 million liras. The budget appropriation was determined as 537,5 million liras for Gazi University, 479,1 million liras for Ege University, 421,1 million liras for Dokuz Eylül University, 382 million liras for Atatürk University and 378,8 million liras for Anadolu University.

Universities with the least funding

According to the Medium-Term Financial Plan, among 102 universities in total, the Turkish-German University had the lowest appropriation offer ceiling with 29,6 million liras. Ankara Social Sciences University with 30,4 million liras, Bursa Technical University with 34,2 million liras, and Adana Science and Technology University with 41 million liras were among the universities with the lowest appropriation ceiling.

Atatürk University is the first in the grant, Abdullah Gül University is the last
Among the universities bearing the names of statesmen who left their mark on Turkish political life, Atatürk University will receive the highest grant of 382 million liras. This university is named İnönü University (275,3 million lira), Süleyman Demirel University (247 million lira), Celal Bayar University (192,4 million lira), Adnan Menderes University (173,8 million lira), Necmettin Erbakan University (169,5 lira) respectively. , 160,1 million liras), Bülent Ecevit University (98,3 million liras), Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University (53 million liras) followed by Abdullah Gül University with XNUMX million liras.

The top 20 universities with the highest grant offer ceilings are as follows:
1 – Istanbul University 786 thousand 510 TL
2 – Hacettepe University 551 thousand 282
3 – Ankara University 541.982.000
4 – Gazi University 537.509.000
5 – Ege University 479.132.000
6 – Dokuz Eylul University 421.122.000
7 – Atatürk University 382.000.000
8 – Anadolu University 78.833.000
9 – Marmara University 373.529.000
10 – Selcuk University 342.805.000
11 – Middle East Technical University 336.810.000
12 – Çukurova University 335.092.000
13 – Uludag University 310.501.000
14 – Istanbul Technical University 309.795.000
15 – Akdeniz University 298.099.000
16 – Erciyes University 285.613.000
17 – Karadeniz Technical University 276.507.000
18 – İnönü University 275.299.000
19 – Ondokuz Mayıs University 272.212.000
20 – Dicle University 253.103.000
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Source : Hurriyet

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