All the secrets of the universe are coming to us with the stars!

The first comet to enter the Earth's atmosphere has been found. According to research by South African scientists, the event took place around Egypt 28 million years ago. The comet, which entered the atmosphere from the Sahara desert, had a temperature of 2000 degrees and contained all the mystery of the solar system.

Professor David Block, head of the research team, explained the importance of comets:

“Comets are unique, they carry behind them many minerals from our solar system. This means that a chemical factory travels through space and lands on our earth. Let the comet catch fire, shatter the glass, melt it, form it again… It opens a lake of flame in an area of ​​6 thousand kilometers.''

The glass sample produced by the comet on display in Johannesburg was collected 20 years ago from the Sahara desert. The specimen with many microscopic black diamonds was named 'Hypatia', after the female astronomer, philosopher and mathematician Hypatia of Alexandria.

Professor David Block:

“NASA and the European Space Agency ESA have spent millions of dollars on a device that can be sent inside a comet. However, the biggest impact of this invention is that it proves that there is no need to go into space to study comets, they are already descending to our world with all their mines.

Many more mysteries of our solar system are waiting to be solved, thanks to the comets that landed on our world, which occurred 4 and a half billion years ago.


Source : euronews

📩 17/10/2013 20:20

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