With shale gas technology, the USA will remove Russia from the leadership in oil and natural gas production…

“The United States may surpass Russia, the world's number one oil and gas producer, this year.” This prediction took place in the US press. In the news of The Wall Street Journal, it was predicted that the USA would get ahead of Russia thanks to innovations such as shale gas extraction technology.
In the news, which stated that Russia is in the process of stagnation in oil and natural gas production thanks to the rising competition and the decline in the European market, “The USA's natural gas imports decreased by 32 percent and crude oil imports by 15 percent in the last five years. The increase in oil and natural gas production by the USA, which is a major energy consumer, has made energy available to other buyers as well.

In Russia, the Minister of Environment, Yuri Trutnev, announced that the known oil fields of Russia would be enough for the country for 25 years and the natural gas fields for 70 years. According to the data of the Russian Petroleum and Energy Department (CDU TEK), daily oil production rose to 25 million barrels, the highest level in the last 10,53 years, in last June. Russia overtook Saudi Arabia to take the lead in oil production.


Source : turkrus

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