Solution to the world of cosmetics from 2 young entrepreneurial chemists, eggshell

2 young entrepreneurial chemists, eggshell solution to the world of cosmetics. Today, 2 young entrepreneurial chemists found a solution to wrinkles, which is a common problem for men as well as women, from eggshell.
The active ingredients sought by the cosmetics world and the health sector will be produced by entrepreneurs supported by İzmir University of Economics incubation center Embryonix. With the project of "Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and Calcium Carbonate Production from Egg Shell Waste" project, young entrepreneurs will produce collagen, one of the most valuable substances in the world, with a price of approximately one thousand liras per gram, which attracts attention with its anti-wrinkle feature.

The path of Ferda Önen and Gülsün Gonca Kandemir, young entrepreneurs who completed their education in the field of chemistry and were looking for a way out of their projects, changed when they met Embryonix. Young entrepreneurs who applied to the Techno Enterprise Grant Project of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in 2012 received a negative response. Önen and Kandemir's path was paved thanks to the presentation techniques they developed with Embryonix and their marketing, strategy and communication training. Young entrepreneurs who made their applications as Embryonix Project won the Ministry's 100 thousand lira Techno Venture Grant. Entrepreneurs applied to KOSGEB with the same project and received R&D innovation support for 2 years.

Taylan Özgür Demirkaya, Lecturer at Izmir University of Economics and Director of Embryonix Center, pointed out that this is the first time that support was given to a chemistry project outside of informatics, and said, “Centers that support entrepreneurship generally support innovative ideas in the field of informatics. We are behind the entrepreneurship project in a different field for the first time. In addition, we give priority to women entrepreneurs in terms of positive discrimination. We believe that our entrepreneurs will show a great development with this project," he said.

Ferda Önen, one of the young entrepreneurs, stated that after being informed about Embryonix's business development projects, their lives gained a different dimension and they took steps to develop their projects, and said, “Embryonix created a different vision for us. We learned logo design and promotional marketing with Embryonix. Before we received our training, we were making scientific presentations and we could not explain our innovative ideas, goals, and purpose. Thanks to Embryonix, we demonstrated the feasibility of our project. Despite all the difficulties, we established our laboratory. When our other materials come, we will provide the best service.”

Gülsün Gonca Kandemir said that the project they developed is environmentally friendly, egg shells are buried in the soil as waste and the soil is poisoned due to the calcium carbonate it contains. Expressing that his dreams have come true, Kandemir said, “One thousand grams of collagen is produced from 200 kilograms of waste. Collagen is the most sought after ingredient in the cosmetic world today. Also known as an anti-wrinkle ingredient in creams. It has a feature of rejuvenating the skin and removing wrinkles. At the same time, the active substances we obtain are used in the production of stomach medicines. Today, we can obtain these very valuable active substances from egg shells as a result of our studies. We not only ensure the evaluation of these wastes, which are harmful to nature on their own, but also obtain a very important material with high material value. We want to create our own cream brand in the future," he said.

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