Inventors Meet at Innovation Turkey Fair…

Innovation Turkey Fair is opening its doors for the second time.2. Innovation Turkey Fair offers 850 inventions to the service of humanity
500 SMEs are coming together at the 2nd Innovation Fair.

Organized for the first time last year, Innovation Turkey Fair will bring hundreds of innovative products to investors for the second time between 24-27 October 2013. At the Innovation Fair to be held at the Istanbul Expo Center, 500 patented inventions of nearly 850 SMEs and young entrepreneurs will be showcased.

Aktif Fair Organization General Manager Mustafa İsmail Çetin stated that he will bring the investors together in order to contribute to the production of new inventions approved by the Turkish Patent Institute (TPE), TUBITAK and Istanbul Development Agency, and said, “There are a lot of things at the fair, from the defense industry, medicine, information technology, food sector to ergonomic kitchenware. Patented, useful and surprising inventions in different fields will be exhibited. This year's fair will be exciting and surprising for both investors and enthusiasts.”

60 inventions went into production
Noting that the fair, which is supported by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, the Ministry of Development, TPI and TUBITAK, will have intense participation from the country and abroad this year compared to last year, Çetin said, “In Turkey, companies and organizations have their own R&D or technology such as Technopark, Tekmer. It has products that have been researched and developed with great effort in its centers. While some of these are brought to commercial life, some cannot. Last year, thanks to this fair, 112 inventions signed new agreements with investors, while 60 different inventions were put into production.”

It has been done in Europe for years.
Pointing out that these types of fairs have been held in European countries for years, Aktif Fuarcılık General Manager Çetin emphasized that the fair to be held for the second time in our country will be held for the 66th time in Germany this year. Explaining that they are waiting for the entire management of the Turkish Exporters Assembly and the managers of large companies, Çetin said: “Last year, hundreds of projects signed preliminary agreements at the fair. Participants stated that the fair was very successful in their answers to the fair survey. The meeting of the projects with the investors was realized at the maximum rate. A total of 9 people, consisting of company CEOs, managers, foreign and domestic investor businessmen and enthusiasts, visited the fair. The number of students visiting the fair was 826.”

End with bite clasp and earrings
Safe socket for parents
You will be able to see useful and surprising inventions at the fair, where new inventions in all fields will be exhibited. For example, caps that prevent lice, encapsulated buckles, earrings, etc. Interesting inventions such as accessories such as accessories, safety sockets and auxiliary apparatus that concern parents will meet with the investor.

Some of the new products to be exhibited at the fair are as follows:

1. A smart advertising and promotion system that detects your customers' body movements and adds a new dimension to the interactive advertising industry.
2. Electricity generation from moving weights
3. Optimum insulation thickness and emission detection program according to different fuel and insulation materials
4. Natural wood veneer on aluminum and FRP
5. Microalgal biomass production in thermal greenhouse
6. Unmanned technician robot platform
7. Application of mummification technique
8. Insulated Calibrated Brick and Production Method
9. Development of multilayered bioartificial tissues using nanofiber biomaterials and cells
10. Developing components for military and commercial vehicles
11. Pot with automatic mixer
12. Extraction of natural antibacterial from eggshell
13. Grafting tomatoes to tobacco and obtaining nicotine tomatoes
14. Smart mixer
15. Screw nail trimmer
16. Imaging method of epileptogenic region with advanced analysis methods in epilepsy patients
17. Multipurpose aluminum ladder
18. Suitcase climbing stairs
19. Space absorber that prevents loss of space after tooth loss
20. Prosthesis and implant design fully compatible with personalized anatomy
21. Purchasing management in the cloud environment
22. Tray that can play images
23. Bagel vending machine
24. Skirting with lighting element illuminated by motion


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