SAU. Chemistry Department academicians developed an antibacterial product that is effective against hospital bacteria.

A group of scientists at Sakarya University (SAU) discovered two antibacterial products that are much cheaper and more effective than antibiotics in use. The patented product can be used as an antibiotic if support is given.

SAU Faculty of Arts and Sciences Department of Chemistry faculty members Prof. Dr. Mustafa Küçükislamoğlu, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Arslan, Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Zengin, Head of the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Infectious Diseases, Prof. Dr. Oğuz Karabay, a new antibacterial product was developed that is more effective than the ones on the market against hospital bacteria that cause infectious diseases.

Providing information about the product, Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Zengin said that the newly developed product was obtained from easily available, cheap and partly natural raw materials. Noting that in the laboratory studies, they found that the antibacterial product is several times more effective on some bacteria, such as fungi, than the existing antibiotics, Zengin said, “The product obtained can also be used as a stand-alone disinfectant or antiseptic. It also allows use in newly discovered antibacterial personal care products, in the disinfectant treatment of drinking water and pools, and in vehicles such as sprays and air conditioners as room cleaners. However, in order for it to be used as an antibiotic, live experiments must be carried out and necessary permissions must be obtained. The new product also allows animal breeders to use it effectively in the fight against bacteria, parasites and fungi in barns and poultry houses.” he said.


Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Zengin said that the product was revealed after two and a half years of work. Stating that they tried 700 new substances for the detection of antibacterial products, Zengin gave the following information: “We determined that only two of them were very effective. We have filed our patent application. Our application has been approved. Preliminary studies and experiments on the use of the product are currently underway in an international textile company. The very low raw material price of the product allows it to be used in many different areas. International companies need to work for the product to be used as a medicine. At the moment, we do not have the means and power to do so. We determined the potential of the product to be an antibiotic. We can also support the work on putting it into use.”

Rich stated that the product in question was synthesized by extracting it from natural and semi-natural raw materials and added that they continue to work to produce a completely natural antibacterial product from now on. The comparison values ​​of the new antibacterial product with the commercially available Ciprofloxacin antibiotic are as follows:

Ciprofloxacin (Antibiotic) New product-1 New product-2
Candidaalbicans (Fungus) 20 30 50
Acinetobacterspp 33 25 45
Pseudomonasaeruginosa 35 27 45
Staphylococcusaureus 30 30 45
Staphylococcusepidermidis30 30 45
Escherichiacoli 25 22 36
Enterococcus spp 24 12 23


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