Charging Technology with Lightning Energy, Could it be…?

Could it be Charging Technology with Lightning Energy…? Solar energy, wind, hydroelectric and even nuclear… While the types of energy that will carry mankind into the future are discussed, the Nokia-Southampton University collaboration reminds us that there is another alternative: Lightning!

A group of scientists from the University of Southampton teamed up with Nokia to explore the possibility that lightning energy could be used to charge a mobile device. Sounds impossible? In fact, if you look at it, scientists have already succeeded! The team, who rolled up their sleeves to create “lightning” for their experiments, first produced alternating current through a transformer. The current was then directed into a cavity a little less than an inch thick and rapidly increased to 200.000 volts—the average power of a typical lightning bolt—to take the form of electricity.
Subsequently, the signal was transferred to another controller transformer, where the Nokia Lumia 925 could charge its battery. This research is a sign that perhaps one day the power of lightning will come into service for our own personal use. Beyond charging the phone; With its completely renewable, sustainable and easily obtainable features, lightning is undoubtedly the perfect fit for areas that require energy.



Source : newsahval

📩 07/10/2013 23:59

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