Students who want to go abroad for education will meet at this fair…

Akare Overseas Education Fairs have been bringing universities and language schools from different countries together with those who want to go abroad for education since 2001! Akare, Turkey's largest international education organization, will hold its autumn fairs in 7 big cities, Izmir, Istanbul, Ankara and Kayseri, between 14-4 November.

The biggest opportunity offered to students by Akare International Education Fairs, organized for those who want to study in different countries, is to meet face-to-face with the registration authorities of schools from countries such as America, England, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, Netherlands and Russia and get information on the following subjects. Possibility to receive:

Language Courses
Undergraduate Programs
Graduate Programs
International Certificate and Diploma Programs
MBA Programs
Doctoral Programs
Business English Programs
Exam Preparation Courses
Free HR Trainings and Overseas Education Seminars

Akare International Education Fairs HR sponsor,, will organize the Istanbul fair between 9:12-00:13 on 00 November and 10:14-00:15 on 00 November and Ankara fair between 12 November 14:00-15:00. The first 150 people who come to the free HR trainings have the chance to participate and everyone who attends is given a certificate. In addition, in the seminars that will continue at the same time as the fair, in a different hall, experts, especially university and consulate officials, will provide information on various subjects such as university education abroad and application conditions, visas, scholarships, education systems by country and language education abroad. Seminar programs .

Interview with Semih Sayginer

Semih Saygıner is meeting with young people at Akare Fairs on November 10, with the invitation of Akare Fairs and He became the world champion in a sport that does not even have a federation in his country yet. He made great contributions to the acceptance of billiards as a sport in our country and to gaining a respectable place. He is not only an exemplary athlete, but also an intellectual. Semih Saygıner shares his experiences with young people while achieving these successes! In order to shed light on the career planning of our young people who want to shape their lives…

Special Scholarships from Participating Schools to Fair Visitors

Some of the schools participating in the fair offer scholarships to students who visit them. There will be different conditions to qualify for these scholarships, which will be announced on the website of the fair. All necessary information You can reach from the page.

Asus Tablet for 10 People and Surprise Gifts for 150 People Who Come to Izmir and Kayseri Fairs

Admission to Akare International Education Fairs, which is the most important international education fair of the year, is free. All you need to do is to benefit from the scholarships and discounts offered by the schools for the fair visitors, to win one of the 10 Asus tablets and the surprise gifts that Akare will give to the first 150 people who come to the İzmir and Kayseri fairs. Receive an invitation online.

Akare International Education Fairs / NOVEMBER 2013 Fair Calendar

Izmir Hilton Hotel / 7 November 2013 – 15:00-20:00

Istanbul Hilton Hotel / 9 and 10 November 2013 – 13:00-18:00

Ankara Sheraton Hotel / 12 November 2013 – 15:00-20:00

Kayseri Hilton Hotel / 14 November 2013 – 13:00-18:00



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