The 'super jobs', which were not preferred 10 years ago because of the lack of job opportunities, are in great demand today.

'Super professions', which were not preferred 10 years ago because there was no job opportunity, are in great demand today. Young people who graduate from high school in order to have the profession that adorns their dreams, but either work as teachers or go abroad because there is no job opportunity in that branch in Turkey, especially energy and with the breakthroughs made in the technological field, it has become a sought-after personnel. While the state made an announcement to hire an atomic energy specialist with nuclear power plants, TÜBİTAK announced that it would recruit for genetic engineering, where job opportunities were once a dream. TPAO (Turkish Petroleum Corporation), which started the drilling campaign, announced that it will hire nearly 100 petroleum engineers, and Turkish Airlines (THY) is looking for high-level experts such as software developers for domestic aircraft simulators.

In the last few years, many other private and public organizations have accelerated their recruitment of personnel in many branches such as computer and electronics, software, ship and marine technologies, aviation, geology, molecular biology and genetic engineering. Not so long ago, students who filled out the university preference forms were advised to choose branches with job opportunities in Turkey. A university candidate with a genetic engineering dream had to either choose another department or become a physics or mathematics teacher at schools, since there was no company or institution operating in this field. The saddest thing is that these young people had to go abroad to do their dream job, that is, to participate in a brain drain. With the nuclear power plant projects, the need for atomic energy experts has also increased. The Turkish Atomic Energy Agency announced that it will employ 10 assistant atomic energy experts. The institution will recruit staff in 34 branches, including nuclear energy, mechanical, chemical and computer engineering.

Petroleum and energy engineers are getting army

TPAO, which has intensified its oil explorations in the country and abroad, especially in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, and focused on shale gas, which has serious reserves, recruited 2010 engineers, assistant specialists and vocational high school graduates in 291 alone. In the last announcement of the institution, it was stated that 30 petroleum and natural gas engineers were needed. With the domestic aircraft and weapon projects coming to the fore, the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries is preparing to add young people who graduated from electrical-electronics, aviation, space and ship engineering departments to the family. TÜBİTAK announces in its frequently published job advertisements that it will hire personnel in fields such as molecular biology and genetic engineering, which have not even been heard of before in Turkey. While the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, which continues its efforts for urban transformation, is looking for architects and engineers, the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources recruits specialists in branches such as mining, geology, petroleum and computers.


The quota is increasing, new sections are opening
Depending on the scientific and technological developments in Turkey, universities either open new departments or increase their quotas in order to meet the need for trained personnel. While the Space and Aeronautical Engineering department was once only at ITU, Ankara, Istanbul, Ege and Erciyes Universities opened Astronomy and Space Sciences departments. Genetic engineering, where graduates work as food engineers, is now among the sought-after professions. In addition, many universities opened departments of bioengineering, energy systems engineering, geomatics, mechatronics, automotive engineering, aviation and transportation management, airframe and engine maintenance.

petroleum engineering


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