3rd International Meteorology, Dust Transport, Desertification and Erosion Combat Workshop” Completed

3rd International Workshop on Meteorology, Dust Transport, Desertification and Combating Erosion” was completed. The "Third International Workshop on Meteorology, Dust Transport, Desertification and Erosion", hosted by the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, to discuss important problems such as desertification, drought, erosion and dust transport at an international level, was completed.

A total of 110 people from the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Morocco, Palestine, Iran, Spain, Libya, Lebanon, Serbia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Oman, Jordan and Yemen attended the workshop held in Istanbul.

As a result of the “28st Ministerial Meeting on Cooperation in the Field of Environment and Meteorology in Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria” in Ankara on 29-2010 April 1; The "Ankara Declaration" was published, emphasizing the subject of "Dust Transport Estimation".

Following this, the 26nd Ministerial Meeting on Cooperation in the Fields of Environment and Meteorology between “Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria” was held in Tehran on September 29-2010, 2 and the Action Plan was accepted.

Within the scope of this Action Plan, on 22-26 February 2011 in Istanbul, “I. An international training named “Dust and Sand Storm Forecasting, Meteorological Services, Erosion Control Techniques and Forestry” was held.

In Ankara on 26-28 November 2012, “II. “Meteorology, Dust Transport, Desertification and Erosion Combat Workshop” was held.

“Sand and Dust Storms Technical Meeting” was held in Abu Dhabi, hosted by the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Environment and Water on May 6-7, 2013, and “Strategic Partnership Project for Increasing Ecosystem Management and Resilience Along Sand and Dust Storms Corridor in West Asia” The first steps towards

As a continuation of this, the “Third International Workshop on Meteorology, Dust Transport, Desertification and Erosion” was held in Istanbul on 28-31 October 2013, hosted by the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs.

In the workshop where the representatives of the guest countries introduced their countries, General Manager of Combating Desertification and Erosion, General Manager of Meteorology, General Manager of Water Management and General Manager of Forestry made speeches. In the program, in which the subjects were explained in detail with presentations by the experts, a land survey was also made and the activities were seen on site.

Action Plans to Combat Desertification Will Be Prepared

In the workshop where desertification, land degradation, drought and dust transport were accepted as an international problem, it was decided that countries should act together to solve such problems.

It was also emphasized that these problems are closely related to each other and therefore, a multi-disciplinary and integrated approach should be displayed in combating studies.

In addition to these, with the completed workshop;

– Carrying out studies on the environmental, economic and socio-cultural causes, effects and methods of combating these problems,

– Receiving financial and technical support of international organizations such as UNCCD, UNESCO, UNDP, UNCCC, UNEP, FAO and national development agencies such as TIKA,

– Considering that the 12th UNCCD Conference of the Parties will be held in Turkey in 2015, starting the activities already in order to put the issues discussed in this workshop and regional priorities on the agenda of the Conference of the Parties and to carry out joint projects,

– Dust transport is also included in the working areas of the UNCCD Mediterranean Regional Office and the Confidence Building Measures Conference in Asia Regional Training Center for Combating Desertification, which is planned to be opened in Turkey,

– Consensus was reached between countries on issues such as joint work on the preparation, implementation and monitoring of National Action Programs to Combat Desertification.


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