They Developed A Cosmetic Product From Tree Juice

They Developed A Cosmetic Product From Tree Juice. A company operating in Düzce produces cosmetic products with the water obtained from walnut, beech, oak, sapelli and iroko trees by vacuuming technique.

Oğuz Tavus, Director of the Natural Products Center, told reporters that the sap of the trees is extracted in the timber drying kiln thanks to the high frequency path and vacuuming method they developed, and said that the water stored in the warehouses is used as raw material in different ways.

Stating that tree waters are rich in minerals and polyphenols, according to the research conducted by Sakarya and Erzurum universities, Tavus said, “For this reason, our product obtained from walnut, beech, oak, sapelli and iroko trees will be used as the main raw material in the field of cosmetics, and as fertilizer and product developer in the agricultural field. In addition, studies are continuing at Izmir Institute of Advanced Technologies for its use in wound treatment. Currently, a raw material that can be used actively in 3 sectors is being produced”.

Explaining that they have a completely natural and unused raw material, Tavus said, “We have now obtained a hair care set and shampoo from the product we obtained. Apart from this, we are launching sunscreen, black mask and facial cleansing lotion with our own works.”

Noting that each of the cosmetic products produced so far has been made with additives, Tavus said:

“People use a lot of synthetic materials these days. There are chemicals that are used excessively in all kinds of shampoos used. Therefore, they disturb our natural balance. Everything is natural in our formula here. There are no chemicals that we have added later. Since it is completely natural and organic products, people have different perspectives on it. In terms of treatment or the feedback they use, they are extremely positive.”

Tavus stated that 70 percent of the tree trunk is composed of water, like the human body.

“Tree juice is very useful”

Emphasizing that the products obtained from tree juice are very beneficial, Tavus said that the product has both skin rejuvenating and therapeutic properties.

Pointing out that there are some products obtained from tree waters in the world, Tavus said, “But tree water is not taken according to our logic. Because they boil the water of the tree and take it through distillation, they spoil its property. The highly boiled tree spoils the properties of the water. But what we have done is to evaporate water at a low temperature (40-45 degrees). This temperature affects the molecular structure of the tree and we get it through vacuum. The product obtained by vacuuming is unique in the world. What we use as raw material is actually the blood of the tree. This is an all-natural formula that we call the 'K-Fulvate' formula. We use it as raw material. It is far superior to the raw materials used so far. It is a raw material with restorative properties," he said.



Source : saglik.milliyet

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