Balikesir University Solves The Antibiotic Problem Threatening The World By Natural Ways

Turkish scientists looking for a solution to the antibiotic problem, which has begun to threaten the world, started their studies on animals and got positive results.

It was stated that natural antibiotics were first used in animal feed in Turkey. It was stated that natural antibiotics were first used in animal feeds in Turkey, within the scope of studies on the antibiotic problem, which came to the fore with the warning of scientists. Prof. from Balikesir University. Dr. Gülendam Tümen gave information about the use of animal feeds that act as natural antibiotics, and stated that chemical antibiotics are added to animal feeds and these antibiotics pass to humans after consuming meat and milk.

It has been learned that after the consumption of animals fed with feeds containing natural antibiotics, such as meat, milk, etc., increases, the antibiotic problem threatening humans will be minimized.

Turkish scientists, working in search of alternative and natural antibiotics instead of chemical antibiotics used in animal feeds, produced and started to use animal feeds that can be used as natural antibiotics in feeds. The studies carried out at Balıkesir University with the serious contributions of Turkish explorer Faruk Durukan have been completed and these products are now preparing to find a place in the world market.


The team members conducting the natural antibiotic study were Prof. Dr. Gülendam Tümen, microbiologist Assoc. Dr. Tülin Aşkun and Faruk Durukan stated that in a situation where the effects of synthetic antibiotics, which the world attaches great importance to, have weakened, people and animals should turn to natural antibiotics and stated that they started from animal feeds. While academics stated that the most effective raw material in the production of natural antibiotics is obtained from olives and its derivatives, Prof. Dr. Gülendam Tümen said, “We obtained this product, which has been a problem in our country for centuries, by converting olive black water into an extract and mixed with pine bark. We produced this product as animal feed. However, this product is not used directly as animal feed. In our preliminary studies, if it is added to animal feed at a rate of 10 percent, it acts as a natural antibiotic. In addition to its natural antibiotic function, it has a food support function as it carries minerals, amino acids and some vitamins from olives. In Europe, the use of antibiotics in animals is now banned. However, the use of antibiotics still continues in small and cattle breeding in our country. Now is the time for us to give up on these antibiotics. This product we obtained now has a natural antibiotic capacity. This study, Assoc. Dr. We conducted it jointly with Tülin Aşkun and businessman Faruk Durukan. We wish good luck to our country and the world," he said.


Businessman Faruk Durukan, who carries out R&D studies at the plant extract production facilities in Balıkesir, stated that they started to use animal feeds containing natural antibiotics in the Balıkesir region and that they will sell them to other countries in the near future. . Scientists have different opinions about the use of synthetic antibiotics in animal feeds and their residues in their bodies. We also started to produce animal feeds from natural antibiotic-containing raw materials with the extraction method by conducting scientific studies with our universities. Balıkesir University has made a great contribution to us in this regard. We can get the essence of everything we want here. In this study, we obtained natural materials by extraction method and succeeded in producing animal feeds with natural antibiotics. We have solved this antibiotic problem in the world. Turkey also needs feed. We will soon start exporting this product," he said.

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